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Here we go again.  The four page proposal below is presented here unedited and without comment.


January 28, 2013

From Senators Chuck Schumer, John McCain, Dick Durbin, Lindsey Graham, Robert Menendez, Marco Rubio, Michael Bennet, and Jeff Flake


We recognize that our immigration system is broken. And while border security has improved significantly over the last two Administrations, we still don’t have a functioning immigration system. This has created a situation where up to 11 million undocumented immigrants are living in the shadows. Our legislation acknowledges these realities by finally committing the resources needed to secure the border, modernize and streamline our current legal immigration system, while creating a tough but fair legalization program for individuals who are currently here. We will ensure that this is a successful permanent reform to our immigration system that will not need to be revisited.

Four Basic Legislative Pillars:

1. Create a tough but fair path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants currently living in the United States that is contingent upon securing our borders and tracking whether legal immigrants have left the country when required;

2. Reform our legal immigration system to better recognize the importance of characteristics that will help build the American economy and strengthen American families;

3. Create an effective employment verification system that will prevent identity theft and end the hiring of future unauthorized workers; and,

4. Establish an improved process for admitting future workers to serve our nation’s workforce needs, while simultaneously protecting all workers.

1. Creating a Path to Citizenship for Unauthorized Immigrants Already Here that is Contingent Upon Securing the Border and Combating Visa Overstays

- Our legislation will provide a tough, fair, and practical roadmap to address the status of unauthorized immigrants in the United States that is contingent upon our success in securing our borders and addressing visa overstays.

- To fulfill the basic governmental function of securing our borders, we will continue the increased efforts of the Border Patrol by providing them with the latest technology, infrastructure, and personnel needed to prevent, detect, and apprehend every unauthorized entrant.

- Additionally, our legislation will increase the number of unmanned aerial vehicles and surveillance equipment, improve radio interoperability and increase the number of agents at and between ports of entry. The purpose is to substantially lower the number of successful illegal border crossings while continuing to facilitate commerce.

- We will strengthen prohibitions against racial profiling and inappropriate use of force, enhance the training of border patrol agents, increase oversight, and create a mechanism to ensure a meaningful opportunity for border communities to share input, including critiques.

- Our legislation will require the completion of an entry-exit system that tracks whether all persons entering the United States on temporary visas via airports and seaports have left the country as required by law.

- We recognize that Americans living along the Southwest border are key to recognizing and understanding when the border is truly secure. Our legislation will create a commission comprised of governors, attorneys general, and community leaders living along the Southwest border to monitor the progress of securing our border and to make a recommendation regarding when the bill’s security measures outlined in the legislation are completed.

- While these security measures are being put into place, we will simultaneously require those who came or remained in the United States without our permission to register with the government. This will include passing a background check and settling their debt to society by paying a fine and back taxes, in order to earn probationary legal status, which will allow them to live and work legally in the United States. Individuals with a serious criminal background or others who pose a threat to our national security will be ineligible for legal status and subject to deportation. Illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes face immediate deportation.

- We will demonstrate our commitment to securing our borders and combating visa overstays by requiring our proposed enforcement measures be complete before any immigrant on probationary status can earn a green card.

- Current restrictions preventing non-immigrants from accessing federal public benefits will also apply to lawful probationary immigrants.

- Once the enforcement measures have been completed, individuals with probationary legal status will be required to go to the back of the line of prospective immigrants, pass an additional background check, pay taxes, learn English and civics, demonstrate a history of work in the United States, and current employment, among other requirements, in order to earn the opportunity to apply for lawful permanent residency. Those individuals who successfully complete these requirements can eventually earn a green card.

- Individuals who are present without lawful status – not including people within the two categories identified below – will only receive a green card after every individual who is already waiting in line for a green card, at the time this legislation is enacted, has received their green card. Our purpose is to ensure that no one who has violated America’s immigration laws will receive preferential treatment as they relate to those individuals who have complied with the law.

- Our legislation also recognizes that the circumstances and the conduct of people without lawful status are not the same, and cannot be addressed identically.

For instance, individuals who entered the United States as minor children did not knowingly choose to violate any immigration laws. Consequently, under our proposal these individuals will not face the same requirements as other individuals in order to earn a path to citizenship.

Similarly, individuals who have been working without legal status in the United States agricultural industry have been performing very important and difficult work to maintain America’s food supply while earning subsistence wages.    Due to the utmost importance in our nation maintaining the safety of its food supply, agricultural workers who commit to the long term stability of our nation’s agricultural industries will be treated differently than the rest of the undocumented population because of the role they play in ensuring that Americans have safe and secure agricultural products to sell and consume. These individuals will earn a path to citizenship through a different process under our new agricultural worker program.

2. Improving our Legal Immigration System and Attracting the World’s Best and Brightest

- The development of a rational legal immigration system is essential to ensuring America’s future economic prosperity. Our failure to act is perpetuating a broken system which sadly discourages the world’s best and brightest citizens from coming to the United States and remaining in our country to contribute to our economy. This failure makes a legal path to entry in the United States insurmountably difficult for well-meaning immigrants. This unarguably discourages innovation and economic growth. It has also created substantial visa backlogs which force families to live apart, which incentivizes illegal immigration.

- Our new immigration system must be more focused on recognizing the important characteristics which will help build the American economy and strengthen American families. Additionally, we must reduce backlogs in the family and employment visa categories so that future immigrants view our future legal immigration system as the exclusive means for entry into the United States.

- The United States must do a better job of attracting and keeping the world’s best and brightest. As such, our immigration proposal will award a green card to immigrants who have received a PhD or Master’s degree in science, technology, engineering, or math from an American university. It makes no sense to educate the world’s future innovators and entrepreneurs only to ultimately force them to leave our country at the moment they are most able to contribute to our economy.

3. Strong Employment Verification

- We recognize that undocumented immigrants come to the United States almost exclusively for jobs. As such, dramatically reducing future illegal immigration can only be achieved by developing a tough, fair, effective and mandatory employment verification system. An employment verification system must hold employers accountable for knowingly hiring undocumented workers and make it more difficult for unauthorized immigrants to falsify documents to obtain employment. Employers who knowingly hire unauthorized workers must face stiff fines and criminal penalties for egregious offenses.

- We believe the federal government must provide U.S. employers with a fast and reliable method to confirm whether new hires are legally authorized to work in the United States. This is essential to ensure the effective enforcement of immigration laws.

- Our proposal will create an effective employment verification system which prevents identity theft and ends the hiring of future unauthorized workers. We believe requiring prospective workers to demonstrate both legal status and identity, through non-forgeable electronic means prior to obtaining employment, is essential to an employee verification system; and,

- The employee verification system in our proposal will be crafted with procedural safeguards to protect American workers, prevent identity theft, and provide due process protections.

4. Admitting New Workers and Protecting Workers’ Rights

- The overwhelming majority of the 327,000 illegal entrants apprehended by CBP in FY2011 were seeking employment in the United States. We recognize that to prevent future waves of illegal immigration a humane and effective system needs to be created for these immigrant workers to enter the country and find employment without seeking the aid of human traffickers or drug cartels.

- Our proposal will provide businesses with the ability to hire lower-skilled workers in a timely manner when Americans are unavailable or unwilling to fill those jobs.

Our legislation would:

- Allow employers to hire immigrants if it can be demonstrated that they were unsuccessful in recruiting an American to fill an open position and the hiring of an immigrant will not displace American workers;

- Create a workable program to meet the needs of America’s agricultural industry, including dairy to find agricultural workers when American workers are not available to fill open positions;

- Allow more lower-skilled immigrants to come here when our economy is creating jobs, and fewer when our economy is not creating jobs;

- Protect workers by ensuring strong labor protections; and,

- Permit workers who have succeeded in the workplace and contributed to their communities over many years to earn green cards.


The Pathetic State of California Politics

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The state of California should be considered the poster child for a legislative act requiring all voters pass an intelligence test prior to being allowed within 500 yards of a polling place.  Furthermore, I would joyfully and enthusiastically support any ballot measure in California that made it a misdemeanor to use an elected state politician as a target for periodic or impromptu rifle practice regardless of said rifle’s ability to fire in a semi-auto or full-auto capacity, the caliber of the rifle being used, the deadly nature or penetrating power of the cartridges loaded, or how many cartridges one could fit into its magazine.  As evidence for the need of such future legislative acts I submit the following information on the ballot referendums recently passed by California voters.

Proposition 30
Proposition 30 will increase sales taxes by 1/4 percent for four years and increase income taxes on earnings over $250,000 for seven years.  As with all so-called “temporary tax measures” these time restrictions mean nothing.  Throughout the entire recorded history of the state, no temporary tax increase imposed has ever been removed as promised.  The $6 billion increase in tax revenue expected from this measure will go straight into the general fund of the state and there is no accountability for how it will be used.  This may benefit Henderson, Nevada and other affluent, rapidly growing, out-of-state suburbs if the state citizens upset by the passage of this measure and the increase in their taxes decide to move, and since many of those people are also small-business owners, they will more than likely take their business with them, resulting in a loss of jobs for the state.  This measure will not reduce or otherwise affect the rapidly escalating cost of the state’s public school system nor will it impact the underfunded state employee pension fund.

Proposition 39
Proposition 39 will dramatically increase corporate income taxes which will ultimately force even more of the state’s large employers to close shop and move to Arizona, Texas or somewhere else where the state isn’t as openly hostile to business and common sense is a bit more common.  The loss in tax revenue resulting from this corporate migration will greatly reduce the expected increase anticipated by the incompetent political hacks that came up with this brilliant idea.  The loss of these businesses will also decrease the number of employment positions in the state and increase the already dismal unemployment rate.  Since there is no accountability provision built into this massive tax increase the politicians in Sacramento will be free to squander whatever additional revenue they gain from this as they see fit.

Proposition 35
Proposition 35 re-defines the legal concepts of pimping, pandering, and prostitution as human-trafficking.  Furthermore, under this law if “anything of value given or received” is associated with an act of sex, that act then becomes a ”commercial sex act” under the terms of this provision and the person or persons receiving can be convicted of human-trafficking and that person would have to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life.  According to these changes in terminology the son or daughter of a prostitute receiving the normal sustenance and shelter of daily life as a result of their parent’s illicit earnings would be considered as having received something of value and therefore in violation of the state’s human-trafficking law.  That child, upon conviction, would then be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life and would be subject to increased fines and prison terms for their activity as a trafficker.  While it may seem like a stretch, under the provisions of this new law, the generous gift of a set of diamond ear-rings or other bling memorializing a spectacular private event by your legal partner could transform that ecstatic moment into a ”commercial sex act,” turn your beloved spouse into a hooker, and land you in prison as a human trafficker, to say nothing of having to register as a sex pervert for the rest of your life or having to deal with the cops at your door every time some horny freak abused a chicken in the neighborhood.  For a state that completely disregards the fact that they have gone way out of their way to increase human trafficking in the state by enthusiastically encouraging the increase in their population of illegal aliens, this law is absurd beyond all human comprehension.  Every day hundreds of young girls are lured over the border from Mexico with promises of good paying jobs by scumbags who then force them to act as prostitutes for agricultural workers all over the state before abandoning them by the side of the road, and no effort is made to stop this or eliminate the root cause behind it.  In fact the law enforcement agencies in the state are prohibited from even interfering with these people unless they start shooting each other in public, and yet the state politicians want us to believe that they are concerned about human trafficking.  Obviously one or more state official has figured out a way to increase the size and wealth of their bureaucratic kingdoms as a result of these changes.  The largest concentration of sleazy prostitutes in this state are the incompetent politicians in the state capital and we would be a lot better off if we dealt with them before we allow the state gestapos the sadistic pleasure of invading the bedrooms of consenting adults

Proposition 40
If rejected, this would have given the citizens of the state the ability to end the con job perpetrated by the Democrats in the state legislature when they shanghaied the Citizens Redistricting Commission and gerrymandered the state’s Senate district boundaries in a manner even more maniacal and unfair than they were prior to that commission’s futile effort to restore some semblance of sanity and fairness to the states election process.  Unfortunately, the proposition was passed and the Democratic con-artists will be allowed to continue as they were.  With the continuation of the newly gerrymandered system of Senate district boundaries the state’s Democrats are assured that no political competition will ever threaten their ability to fleece the California voters in perpetuity.

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Obama Figures Queers As Stupid As Other Minorities

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He promised the Black voters he would take care of everything, increase their welfare checks, pay off their mortgages, double their civil rights and bitch-slap their honky oppressors; Once elected he would get his new-found brothers and sisters free college educations, good paying jobs and fancy houses in formerly white neighborhoods. In the last four years he’s managed to get one rich, black, college professor out of jail after he slapped a cop, but other than that he’s pretty much turned his back on the Black communities and left them to fend for themselves. The promises got kicked under the rug and the poor Blacks are suffering worse under his economic plans than any other minority group in the nation.

He promised the Hispanics an end to the immigration problem. Certain amnesty for the 20 plus million illegal aliens crowding into the U.S. and social welfare programs up the wazoo for all who signed sided with him. Once elected, he spit in the faces of the legal Hispanic citizens who came to this country legally in hopes of bettering their lives. He’s ignored the problems of their communities becoming a haven for illegal alien criminals, rapists, pedophiles, gang-bangers and drug addicts, and in the last four years he has done nothing to solve the immigration problem that is worse today than ever before. His economic policies have decimated the Hispanic communities along with the other minorities and they are no better off today than they were under George W. Bush. Their loyal support for Obama in 2008 got them nothing more than a kick in the teeth and higher taxes to pay for the social welfare programs putting money in the pockets of the scum they tried to escape when they left Mexico to come here.

In the last four years Obama has managed to make it easier for the rich to get richer, he’s given the banks and credit-card companies the upper hand over the low and middle-class debtors they’ve been bleeding dry for years, and he’s even managed to figure out a way to pay their over-inflated salaries with the hard-earned tax dollars of the dwindling number of working-class American tax-payers.

He has broken his campaign promises to the Blacks, the Hispanics, the greedy labor union assholes, the poor, the middle-class and everyone else that was dumb enough to fall for his lies and cast their ballot in his favor. Ironically enough, most of these people are too stupid to understand how badly they’ve been screwed and plan to vote for the jerk again, however, the first Black presidential swindler of the U.S. government is now running for his second term and sees the need to hedge his bets by cornering the market on yet another minority group.

Obama now figure that the lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals and transgender voters of the U.S. will supply just enough votes to ensure his victory in the 2012 presidential election. The simple mention of his support for same-sex marriage was enough to drop them to their knees (so to speak) and now he is rolling out all sorts of campaign programs aimed at convincing them that he is their one and only hope for salvation. How stupid can people be? I guess we’ll find out.

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Osama bin Laden / Barack Hussein Obama

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I love a good conspiracy story as much as anyone and this one is about as amazing as any of them. I won’t even begin to speculate about the veracity of this story’s validity, but with all of the other lies being told by our current government administrators who can really say what is true anymore? It was sort of convenient the way Obama pulled that rabbit out of his hat just before the 2012 presidential campaign season began.


Bin Laden died of natural causes: Former CIA agent

Press TV
Sat, 19 May 2012 15:51 CDT

A former agent of the CIA has revealed that al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has died of natural causes five years before the US announced his death.

In an interview with Russia’s Channel One, Berkan Yashar, who is also a Turkish politician, said the US has not killed the al-Qaeda leader.

“In September of 1992, I was in Chechnya, that’s when I first met the man whose name was Bin Laden. This meeting took place in a two-story house in the city of Grozny; on the top floor was a family of Gamsakhurdia, the Georgian president, who then was kicked out of his country. We met on the bottom floor; Osama lived in the same building,” Yashar said.

According to the former CIA agent, he personally knew Bin Laden’s three Chechen bodyguards, who had protected him until his death and witnessed his death on June 26, 2006.

“Even if the entire world believed, I could not possibly believe it,” Yashar said. “I personally know the Chechens who protected him, they are Sami, Mahmood, and Ayub, and they were with him until the very end.”

“Only three Chechens buried him, according to his will” in the mountains on the Pakistan-Afghan border, he said.

Yashar added that the CIA abducted one of the bodyguards, Sami, before the announced killing of Bin Laden last year.

He says the bodyguard disclosed to the US the exact place of burial in the mountains.

“There was no assault. I know the American operations from the inside: they find the grave, dig out bin Laden and tell everyone about this. They need to show how technologically the security services worked, how each step was controlled, and then present it as a great victory to show that taxpayers are not paying taxes for nothing,” he said.

Washington announced on May 2, 2011 that Bin Laden was killed by US forces in his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The lack of transparency over bin Laden’s death has cast further doubt over the announcement.





Report: Bin Laden Already Dead

Published December 26, 2001

Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader.

“The Coalition troops are engaged in a mad search operation but they would never be able to fulfill their cherished goal of getting Usama alive or dead,” the source said.

Bin Laden, according to the source, was suffering from a serious lung complication and succumbed to the disease in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. The source claimed that bin Laden was laid to rest honorably in his last abode and his grave was made as per his Wahabi belief.

About 30 close associates of bin Laden in Al Qaeda, including his most trusted and personal bodyguards, his family members and some “Taliban friends,” attended the funeral rites. A volley of bullets was also fired to pay final tribute to the “great leader.”

The Taliban source who claims to have seen bin Laden’s face before burial said “he looked pale … but calm, relaxed and confident.”

Asked whether bin Laden had any feelings of remorse before death, the source vehemently said “no.” Instead, he said, bin Laden was proud that he succeeded in his mission of igniting awareness amongst Muslims about hegemonistic designs and conspiracies of “pagans” against Islam. Bin Laden, he said, held the view that the sacrifice of a few hundred people in Afghanistan was nothing, as those who laid their lives in creating an atmosphere of resistance will be adequately rewarded by Almighty Allah.

When asked where bin Laden was buried, the source said, “I am sure that like other places in Tora Bora, that particular place too must have vanished.”


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Trayvon Got His Justice

Posted in News Events & Media Censorship on March 28th, 2012 by MorningStar

Inasmuch as this may well be one of the last postings published by me on Fungazi I figure I may as well clear the air on one last and controversial issue of current interest; The shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman on February 26, 2012, the furor in the aftermath, a few under-reported facts about the incident and, as always, a dose of personal opinion guaranteed to piss off three-quarters of the planets population.
To begin with I will state that it should always be considered a tragedy when a seventeen year old kid is shot and killed, regardless of the circumstances, the race of those involved, or the amount of press the death is given in the press.  From the guiltiest of young gang-banging criminals to the most innocent of senseless drive-by shootings toddler victims, their deaths diminish us as a people.

For the record, Zimmerman acted in self-defense.  He may be a somewhat unstable cop wannabe poking his nose into other people’s business but his emotional condition has little to do with the reported fact that Trayvon Martin attacked him, knocked him to the ground, beat his head against the concrete and was attempting to wrestle his gun away from him when Zimmerman shot him.  Zimmerman’s fantasies about being a cop of a freaking super-hero simply don’t matter under the circumstances.  Even if the guy was a full-blown schizophrenic he would still have the right to defend himself against being brutally assaulted, and the last time I checked, watching someone and even following them does not justify creeping up behind them, breaking their nose and pounding their head into the cement.  When the cops pulled up on the scene Trayvon Martin was laying face-down and he was unresponsive.  They began CPR, which was continued by the paramedics when they arrived, but at 7:30 p.m. they realized it was pointless and declared him dead.  The cops confirmed that Zimmerman had grass on his back and his back was wet, he was bleeding from the nose and had bloody lacerations on the back of his head.  Statements from witnesses confirmed details from Zimmerman’s statement to the police, specifically that Martin came up behind Zimmerman, sucker-punched him in the face, straddled him as he lay on his back and began beating his head on the ground.  At that point, Trayvon Martin youth and the color of his skin lost meaning.  Zimmerman was carrying a registered pistol for which he had a license to carry and he used that pistol exactly for the purpose it was intended, to protect himself against a violent criminal that could very well have killed him if he had not acted in his own self-defense.  Unlike the great state of California, it is still legal to protect yourself against violent thugs in the state of Florida, and after carefully weighing Zimmerman’s statement against that of the witnesses the police deemed Zimmerman’s action as appropriate.  In a nation ruled by justice and truth, that would be the end of the story.  Unfortunately, as a pathetic statement on life in modern-day America, the real drama of this, now largely fictionalized media event is now just beginning.

Regardless of the facts Trayvon Martin was black and George Zimmerman is one very white looking Hispanic.  The story is dripping with sensationalism and the manipulative journalistic opinion-shapers in the American news media are knocking each other out of the way in their race to see who can stretch this essentially simple story into something so bizarre that it would be completely unrecognizable for anyone with a vague idea of what went down.  These psychos of slant fantasize about penning Pulitzer Prize winning stories every bit as much as Zimmerman fantasized about being a cop.  The problem here is that the journalists have an audience and that audience largely believes anything that they dish out regardless of the truth.  Since a white racist blasting an innocent black kid sells more papers than a worthless thug gunned down by a conscientious neighbor, Zimmerman’s public image will float through the sewers with the turds while Trayvon Martin has become the image of Obama’s unborn son, and will, undoubtedly, be canonized as a saint before the end of next month.  The details of Zimmerman’s futile attempts to pass the police entrance exam and speculation that he harbors decidedly racist views made front page news across the country, while Martin’s suspension from high school for possession of pot was thrown in as if it were nothing but a meaningless afterthought mentioned in passing, and many news “sources” failed to mention it at all.  Granted, a suspension from school for possession of pot does not justify somebody shooting a person to death, nor is it evidence of the sort of personality prone to violence, and because of this these things should be as irrelevant as Zimmerman’s futile attempts to become a cop, but when the news media starts dragging out the irrelevant circumstances of a person’s life as an indication that they may be guilty of something greater it is hard to stop, and in the spirit of fair mud-slinging if you dig up shit on one side, somebody else will dig up shit on the other.  Realistically speaking none of these irrelevant factoids mean anything at all because we are not discussing the winner of a beauty pageant or a popularity contest, we are talking about a juvenile thug who broke a guy’s nose and began pounding his head into the ground, and we are talking about somebody afraid for his life who just happened to be legally carrying a gun and used it appropriately to make the threat against him go away.

So what’s the big problem with all of this?  It is partly due to the media feeding frenzy that cropped up more than three weeks after the fact when the other news worthy topics began to peter out, it is partly due to the racial hate mongers in the black community stirring up racial discontent like “magic” soup made from air, but primarily, it is the result of really stupid people who can’t look at the facts before them and use sound reason to assess the incident.  These are the same people that burned Freddie’s Fashion Mart in 1995, were convinced that Tawana Brawley was brutally raped in 1987, and screamed for the lynching of Bernie Goetz in 1984.  Like the unwashed illiterate that spins into an orgasm of outrage and violence whenever somebody whispers “burned a Koran” in some back alley of Afghanistan, these are people who proudly wear their stupidity on their chest like a medal of valor.  “Don’t need no facts motherfucker; I know racism when I see it!”  Go figure.

In 2011 the State of Florida passed a provision regarding the justifiable use of force.  This law is known as the “Stand your ground” law and it essentially re-establishes the citizen’s right to act in their own self-defense when threatened by violent criminal behavior.  A portion of that provision is given below:

“A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.”

The “Stand your ground” law is designed to give greater consideration to the victims of criminal violence than to the criminals themselves and that makes a lot of sense.  In California it’s the other way around and a homeowner would have to be shot at least once before he or she could safely shoot back at a criminal invader, and even then it wouldn’t be a sure thing.  The anti-gun laws of the more liberal states favor the rights of the criminal over the self-preservation instincts of their victims.

A lot has come out since the story of Martin’s shooting gained notice.  The racial hate mongers surged to the front of the line with their demands for Zimmerman’s arrest, Obama took advantage of the situation with his asinine comments on the situation, the New Black Panther Party offered a $10,000 bounty for Zimmerman’s “capture,” Trayvon’s Twitter postings and the compilation of his previous run-ins with the law have been made public, and it is now obvious that the news media, frustrated with no new developments, has tired of the story.  Just as well . . . I’m sort of bored with it myself.


Heads I Win, Tails You lose

Posted in Politics & Government on November 25th, 2011 by MorningStar

In a way I wish I could be more sympathetic with the Occupy movement. I finished a three part article on the Occupy thing in my local paper, and I’ve read a lot of crap on the net about their various activities around the country, but nothing I’ve read to this point has really explained what they’re stirred up about or why they are willing to get their heads busted and spend a night in a cell with Bubba. According to one source the Occupy movement is directed against economic and social inequality, and to a point the YouTube videos and newspaper articles bear this out with talk about them being the 99%, corporate greed and corrupt capitalists, but the people speaking the loudest for these mobs all look like recently unemployed yuppies and waanabe throwbacks to the anti-Vietnam war protesters of the late 60′s. Their inarticulate yammering borders on hysteria and whatever the message is that they are trying to get across seems far too vague amidst the flying rhetoric, the babble of the crowd, and the and the juvenile property damage wrecked by the lunatic fringe that has attached itself to them. In Oakland the crowd was chanting “End Capitalism;” that message came through loud and clear, but what didn’t compute in my mind was the why of it. What would it really mean to end capitalism? If we ended capitalism what would we base our economy on afterwards? How would ending capitalism make the economic situation of the people in this country more equitable? My gardener is a capitalist. He mows my yard and I pay him to do it, it works for him and it works for me. If we do away with capitalism would he be mowing my yard for free, or would I be paying him and mowing my yard myself? I suppose I might be a bit dense on this point and I would like somebody to draw me a picture of what this would look like or give me a diagram of how it would work because I just don’t get it.

I suppose that, deep down,  I think these Occupy people are nothing more than a bunch of idiots. The whole thing reminds me of the rabid-dog gun control crowd who want to prohibit a machine for the actions of its operator. Corporations are nothing more than companies. They provide services for which people choose to pay. The whole idea behind them is to make a profit, and the amount of profit they make is directly proportional to how many people desire the service they provide and are willing to pay for it. Where is the evil in that arrangement? If nobody were willing to pay for the service that a company was selling then how long would they remain in business? It doesn’t matter how big a company is or how much money they have now. Bank of America, Capital One, Chase Manhattan, how long would any of them last if it were not for the people who chose to do business with them? The fact is that many of the people who are out there bellowing the loudest have checking accounts and credit cards through the companies they are targeting and that sort of detracts from the credibility of the whole show. The real question should be is the problem rooted in the banks and the big corporations or is it in the government officials and elected representatives who secretly take their money in exchange for passing laws that benefit the banks and the big corporations unfairly, and at our expense? If this is the case, and I am fairly certain that it is, then ridding ourselves of capitalism, the one thing that has made this nation a land of prosperity and achievement for all, would be like shooting ourselves in the foot before a race. Why not fix the corruption in government, eliminate the laws they have passed to keep us all screwed to the floor and leave well enough alone?  I don’t like Bank of America any more than the next guy, but I am not about to cut my throat over it.

Why is it the Occupy crowd, as educated as they claim to be, can’t figure out that destroying capitalism and turning the big corporations into victims is not the brightest way to go when focusing on corruption seems like such an easy way to fix things up? Personally, I think that they know, but since it isn’t in line with their agenda they aren’t bringing it up. Besides it’s easy to get everyone fixated on the corporations and giving them a target keeps them from seeing the real villains.

The Occupy crowd claims that they represent 99% of the people but I suspect they represent far fewer. Aside from the perpetual joiners who leap onto every cause that wanders by, the crowds occupying the current protest sites around the country seem to be heavily weighted with college students, recent graduates, and characters wearing SEIU t-shirts. This explains a lot more than the rhetoric they’re spouting for dissemination through the news media, but whether or not is it something that you or I would normally support is something else. The colleges and universities in this country were long ago taken over by the extreme left and the curriculum offered is slanted to support their political views. The students are graded more on their ability to assimilate those views than they are on the absorption of actual knowledge. Degrees in mathematics, hard science and engineering have been declining for more than thirty years while graduates with degrees and even doctorates in ethnic studies, sociology, political science, and Hispanic Culture have soared. These are people that have taken out high interest rate educational loans over a period of four to six years while they pursued what amounts to the most worthless educational experience imaginable and thirty days after they finally graduate they find that they have absolutely no marketable skills that any employer is looking for. and as an added bonus, they are $175,000 in debt that they can’t pay off, and even if they filed for bankruptcy their educational loans won’t be discharged. It’s hard to imagine the joy of being 23 years old and starting your adult life with no job and $175,000 in debt. But is that a good reason for destroying the foundation of our nation’s economic system?

Honestly speaking, I suspect that rather than 99% of our society, the Occupy crowd actually represents about 43%. 43 is the percentage of Americans who are partially or completely reliant on financial assistance from state or federal government to meet their basic human needs. 43% of the nation is receiving some form of food stamps, housing subsidies or clothing allowance from the government and this number is growing very fast. This is the segment of American society most threatened by cuts to entitlement programs and without the ability to raise the tax money needed to pay for these programs, that threat is closer to becoming a reality and the amplitude of vocal outrage increases. But is that a good reason for destroying the foundation of our nation’s economic system?

When we hear the chants and speeches coming from the Occupy protestors are we actually hearing something that constitutes a legitimate complaint or are we letting our own displeasure with the current elected representatives lead us into agreeing with something that is completely unworkable. It’s easy to sympathize with the underdog, the poor family that has been psychologically conditioned to rely on others for their basic human needs, but do we really think that destroying our own way of life is going to help them. Wouldn’t it make more sense to strengthen the economy by eliminating the corrupt practices enshrined by crooked politicians and kick-starting the free market so that jobs were available? Rather than draining what little money the American middle class still might have to pay for the food, clothing and shelter of those who are either unable or unwilling to care for themselves, wouldn’t it make more sense to start cutting these programs back and wean these people off the public dole so that they could care for themselves and take some responsibility for their own lives?

With the 2012 Presidential Election coming up it is unlikely that you will hear anything of this nature proposed by the candidates from either party. If they want to get elected they will sympathize and pander to anyone listening. Unfortunately that is not going to solve the problem, and if we don’t solve it, it is going to get worse. The Occupy protestors might be a mass movement, but they do not represent the American people. If we really want to see a solution to the problems we face we need to quit listening to the guy with the degree in Hispanic Studies and start listening to the voice of common sense, otherwise we just keep losing and the other side will just keep taking.

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Herman Cain Still In The Running

Posted in Politics & Government on November 9th, 2011 by MorningStar

Herman Cain ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000, and he ran for the U.S. Senate in Georgia in 2004 but did not win in the primaries. His presidential campaign for the White House in 2012 began way back in 2010 when he hit all of the early presidential states, became a YouTube sensation, and addressed more than 40 Tea Party rallies around the country. Throughout all of this, his prior run for the presidency, his senatorial bid in 2004 and up until October of this year, a mere thirty day ago, in a presidential campaign that began over a year ago, not one word was said by any of the women who were suddenly overcome with a spasm of self-righteous indignation and are now claiming that back in 1997 he behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner with them. While this sort of trash may sell tons of newspapers, the fact is these women lack any sort of credibility and have nothing whatsoever to support their allegations.

I could just as easily claim that I caught Barack Obama in my back yard groping my dog. Furthermore, I am absolutely certain that there are numerous individuals out there who would be more than willing to allege that, they too, discovered Barack in their yard or barn doing the big nasty with their pet or their prize pig. The truth doesn’t matter when the news media gets on board and starts blasting the story across their headlines with every morning’s new edition. Repeating a lie often enough does not make it true, but to the easily swayed and the extremely gullible, anything nasty that shows up in newsprint is quickly bought into. In fact, the more vicious a rumor is, the more apt people are to buy into it even when there isn’t a shred of evidence to support it.

I look at the timing and substance of these allegations as a good indication of exactly how much neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party wants a credible candidate running for office. Consider the fact that if a candidate with any real sense of integrity and decency should actually run for the presidency, and against all odds, win the office, it would be the end of “business as usual” for both parties and neither of these corrupt political gangs are about to let that happen if they can scuttle it quickly before the average working people have a chance to get behind it and start pushing.

This country is not going to be pulled out of the frying pan by a die-hard Democrat or a die-hard Republican; they have too much invested in keeping things the way they have been and they are not about to let someone who might represent the people come in and screw up their party. However, if this nation is going to be put back on the right track it is going to take somebody that is not part of the current problem to do it. If Obama gets another four years we get more of the same. If Romney wins the election we get more of the same. If Perry wins the election we get more of the same and the same with Bachman, Gingrich, Huntsman, Santorum, Clinton or any of the others that have helped make the mess that we are in. If the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results, why would we vote for the people that have already shown themselves to be dishonest, self-serving and politically corrupt while in office? Quit voting for political parties and political hacks and start voting for somebody that will do the job we want done.

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GOP Options

Posted in Politics & Government on November 4th, 2011 by MorningStar

If the only way that Rick Perry can get to the top of the Republican heap is to smear the character of his fellow Republicans I believe that says more about his character than any words he has to offer. The allegations of sexual harassment filling the newspapers with respect to Herman Cain are so old that their pubic hairs are grey and the fact of the matter is that they say absolutely nothing about Cain himself. He was a business leader in charge of a large operation when these allegations first came out and there are damn few business leaders of any size organization that don’t carry some sort of sexual harassment claim in their baggage. It happens to be one of the most popular claims anyone with a grudge can level and thousands of such allegations are filed every year only to be found without merit.

According to AP News the latest of these allegations comes from a woman who said she “considered” filing such a complaint against Cain as a result of remarks she claims he made back in the 1990′s. This is just about as far from credible information as one can get, and yet this is the sort of thing that Rick Perry is digging up and leaking to the press in the hope that Cain’s campaign goes belly up so he can grab a bigger piece of the pie for himself. Rick Perry’s campaign took off with a bang but it seems to have fizzled out since he began airing his extreme evangelical Christian beliefs, some of which are downright scary.

Personally I believe that, as a Republican candidate for President in 2012, Herman Cain might just be the biggest concern that the Democratic Party faces and they would be entirely orgasmic if Cain’s fellow Republican candidates ganged up on him in the effort to send him packing. For one thing, the Democrats could point at it and say they were right all along about the Republicans being nothing more than a bunch of racists. Not that it would really prove anything, but what the hell, what ultra-liberal Democrat needs proof? Cain’s presence in the GOP line-up hinders the Democratic Party’s ability to portray the GOP as the party of the filthy rich white guy, and that’s an image they need to pump full of air before we get too much closer to election time. The Democrats have portrayed themselves as the party that fights for the downtrodden and oppressed for so long that they’ve forgotten that they’re also the party that started the Ku Klux Klan and fought against integration in the South. A black man running for President on the GOP ticket will do major damage to nearly fifty years of liberal lies and propaganda.

At this point in time, Herman Cain is the closest thing to a Presidential candidate the GOP has in the race. Perry’s a Christian fanatic and as would prove to be as bad as any Islamic fanatic could be as a president. Romney is still not much of a conservative and while he may be the favored son of the GOP leadership because he comes closer to their new left leaning conservative positions, the fact is he is nearly as liberal as Obama. When you get right down to it, in a race between Romney and Obama it wouldn’t matter who you voted for because you would end up with the same old garbage either way.

All things considered, I will still vote for Ron Paul if he gets the nomination, but if he doesn’t I would like to see Herman Cain get a shot at it.

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Bits & Pieces

Posted in Other on September 13th, 2011 by MorningStar

Thirty years ago, 10 percent of California’s general revenue fund went to higher education and 3 percent to prisons. Today nearly 11 percent goes to prisons and 8 percent to higher education.

The top 1 percent of Americans now take in roughly one-fourth of America’s total income every year. In terms of wealth rather than income, the top 1 percent now controls 40 percent of the total. Twenty-five years ago, the corresponding figures were 12 percent and 33 percent.

Seventy-five percent of young Americans, between the ages of 17 to 24, are unable to enlist in the military today because they have failed to graduate from high school, have a criminal record or are physically unfit.

The United States has both the highest overall poverty rate and the highest childhood poverty rate of any major industrialized country on earth, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Poverty rate rises in America:
One in six Americans are now living below the poverty line and the number of people whose income falls in the category of “poverty” is growing at a rapidly accelerating rate.

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Posted in An American Revolution on September 7th, 2011 by MorningStar

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that political campaigns, especially presidential campaigns, have a distinct habit of warping statistical calculations to benefit whichever side is using them to prop up their arguments and the 2012 presidential campaign season is already shaping up to be the number one textbook example of fabricated statistical information in the political history of the United States.

The official unemployment rate that is regularly disseminated by the U.S. Labor Department has a built-in political fudge-factor to reduce the actual percentage number of unemployed Americans by as much as 50% or more. In fact, the federal government has thrown so many questionable factors into the calculation process that it is impossible to do anything more than make an educated guess at what the actual unemployment rate might be. Currently the officially reported rate, sanctioned by the U.S. Labor Department, was at 9.1% in August, however the U-6 Unemployment Rate tracked by U.S. Labor Statistics put the figure at 16.2% for August, and many credible critics, including many congressional representatives affiliated with both the Democratic and Republican Parties are now claiming that the actual number of unemployed American citizens now exceeds 22% of the total American workforce. With an unemployment rate above 20% there is no question why any incumbent Washington politician would want to obscure the truth. For the sake of information, the U-6 rate for April, 2011 was 15.9% and four months later, in August it was up to 16.2%. Does anyone really need a politician from Washington to explain in which direction this problem is headed? Ironically, the more accurate statistics available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that the demographic groups hardest hit by the steadily escalating unemployment rate are the very same groups that turned out in mass during the 2008 presidential election to support Barack Obama. Among the native born Black Americans the U-6 unemployment rate is as high as 42%, and native born Hispanic Americans are not doing much better with a reported U-6 unemployment rate as high as 36.5% while the uncategorized native-born Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 years of age, the crowd that turned out in droves to support Obama’s campaign for change in 2008 have a reported U-6 unemployment rate of 27.1% which is identical to the U-6 rate reported for the nation’s burgeoning population of immigrants both legal and illegal.

With the 2012 presidential election looming just over the horizon, Obama’s approval rating sinking faster than the Titanic, and nearly one quarter of the nation’s willing and available workforce unemployed and frantically seeking any sort of employment, you might think that our illustrious president, the beacon of hope in a floundering economy, would take whatever steps were necessary to ensure the creation of jobs that American workers could fill. The basic truth is that unemployed workers are not happy and if they are not happy when Election Day rolls around they are going to vote for a different administration regardless of who is responsible for their situation or what lies they are told. Without any doubt this is a serious problem for the incumbent president and one that he would certainly like to see go away, but the fact is this problem is not going to disappear and it will probably get a lot worse due to some of the more recent changes Obama has encouraged if not implemented himself.

Obama’s presidential directive regarding the deportation of illegal aliens effectively guts the American immigration laws by making it nearly impossible for American immigration authorities to effectively do what the American taxpayers are paying them to do. There are already an estimated 20 to 40 million illegal aliens in the U.S. and there are more than 8,000 new illegal aliens entering the country every day. Illegal aliens comprise more than half of all construction company employees. They have literally taken over many of the building trades forcing American workers onto unemployment. New home construction and the skilled building trades have been the foundation of middle-class prosperity since the end of World War II. Even if 27.1% of the nation’s estimated 20 to 40 million illegal aliens are unemployed as the Labor Department’s statistics indicate that still leaves 72.9% of the working age illegal aliens employed in positions that American citizens are desperate to fill. Inasmuch as the federal government could care less how many illegal aliens are taking American jobs and the exact number is not tracked the best possible guess is that anywhere from 15 to 29 million illegal aliens are working in the U.S. and that is pretty close to the number of unemployed American citizens who are actively, but unsuccessfully looking for jobs. It seems like such an easy problem to fix, but since the government won’t implement E-Verify or deport any of the illegal aliens they catch the solution to the problem remains a long ways off.

Another major obstacle in the path of widespread job creation is Barack Obama’s completely over-the-top willingness to do the bidding of this nation’s over-bloated national labor organizations. Admittedly, since they were a major force behind getting him elected he feels indebted to them and without the campaign contributions provided to the Democratic Party from the union dues of their members, the DNC would have a tough time getting anyone elected to office, especially if they had to stand on merit alone. Be that as it may, companies that would otherwise be hiring new employees are holding off until they see which way the wind blows as far as some of the labor union proposed legislative acts are concerned. Primary among the labor union’s proposed legislative acts is the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act” which is designed to eliminate the requirement of secret ballot elections from union organizing attempts. Secret ballot elections have been protecting American workers from being intimidated into voting for union representation for many decades and there is no sound or logical justification for eliminating this protection other than compensating the unions for past favors done. It certainly adds no benefit to American workers but it does put all American companies at the mercy of labor unions that can come in at any time and wreak havoc on even the best of employment situations. As long as the threat of this legislative atrocity remains dangling over the heads of American business companies will lean to the side of caution in their hiring practices, and in the event that this atrocious piece of legislative garbage is actually passed into law we can count on seeing explosive growth in the number of companies that are outsourcing work overseas or moving their entire operation out of the country. To implement something like the “Employee Free Choice Act” during a time of economic instability and high unemployment would be sheer lunacy and a good indication that neither our elected representatives nor our president has a handle on the basic law of cause and effect.

Then again, we already have a good indication of how far Obama will go to pay back the labor unions for funneling so many millions of their member’s dues money into his campaign and that indication was made extremely clear by his recess appointments of Lafe Solomon and former Service Employees International Union (SEIU) general counsel Craig Becker to positions of authority on the National Labor Relations Board. The thought that either of these two union fanatics would be sitting in positions of importance overseeing the rights of American workers and their employers was too much even for quite a few liberal Democrats and Obama’s earlier attempt to nominate Craig Becker to the NLRB was blown out of the water by bipartisan opposition in the U.S. Senate. With the knowledge that an attempt to appoint Lafe Solomon to the position of general counsel for the NLRB would fare no better in the Senate Obama decided to do an end run and appointed both me to the Labor Board during a congressional recess when he could do so without opposition from either party. The fact that even many of the Senate Democrats opposed these nominations speaks volumes to the fanaticism of these two die-hard labor activists. Craig Becker has long favored the position that labor unions should be given carte blanche to do whatever they feel necessary in the face of company opposition and Lafe Solomon has publicly stated that company need to be restrained from taking any action in their own defense against union organizers.

Currently, Lafe Solomon has become very active in the NLRB’s case against Boeing and in April he accused them of violating federal law by deciding to build a new 787 Dreamliner assembly plant in Charleston, South Carolina. At a time when most companies are cutting costs and reducing their workforce Boeing built a $750 million dollar manufacturing facility in South Carolina, hired thousands of workers to and invested heavily in their training so they could staff it rather than follow the example of so many others and send the work overseas where it could be done so much cheaper. Boeing officials unwittingly admitted that the decision to base the plant in South Carolina was made in part on the fact that it is a right to work state. Boeing’s admission provoked the ire of the NLRB and Solomon expressed the opinion that Boeing’s actions constituted an unfair attempt to deprive the company’s union represented employees of their death grip on every plane the company produced. Furthermore, Solomon argued, Boeings decision to locate their new manufacturing facility in South Carolina was an act of intentional retaliation against the International Association of Machinists (IAM) union representatives of Boeing’s manufacturing facility in Washington State. As it now stands Boeing is three years behind schedule on their 787 Dreamliner contract and if Solomon gets his way they will be stuck with a 750 million dollar manufacturing facility in South Carolina that they can’t run and thousands of newly hired and trained employees that the company will be forced to terminate. If the NLRB succeeds in closing down the South Carolina facility there is no guarantee that the work on the 787 Dreamliner will be done at the company’s union represented plant in Washington State. It is much more likely that Boeing will lose the contract altogether and the work will end up being done in France by Airbus, Boeing’s chief European rival. The National Labor Relations Board’s heavy-handed persecution of Boeing is entirely unprecedented in light of the fact that the company has done nothing illegal and thousands of other companies have taken similar cost-saving actions like this in the past, however, the fanatical labor advocacy demonstrated by the NLRB in this case has sent a clear message to all American companies. The current presidential administration is willing to give the labor organizations the upper hand in legal disputes with American companies regardless of the consequences to the nation’s economy or to the American workers, and it will be a cold day in hell before another American company the size of Boeing offers a helping hand to this country’s growing population of unemployed. Incidentally, while the fanatics at the NLRB are working to close down the South Carolina Boeing plant, Hilda Solis, President Obama’s labor secretary has been bragging about Obama’s masterful ability to create jobs, and in one press release she stated, “In the Charleston area alone, more than 900 manufacturing jobs have been added since July 2010 — an increase of 4.3 percent.”

The United States of America is standing on the brink of an economic disaster of immense proportions, millions of American citizens are unemployed, many have totally exhausted their unemployment benefits and maxed out their credit cards trying to stay afloat, mortgage foreclosures are at a historic high and contrary to what the government is saying, there is no recourse available to stave off the demanding creditors that would rather force you into the street and take your home than listen to your problems; the politicians in Washington D.C. respond to the desperate needs of the American people by currying favor with friendly special interest groups and labor unions interested only in their accumulation of political power, and trading legislative action for campaign contributions and pledges of support when they next come up for election while entirely credible solutions to every problem this nation is currently facing are either kicked to the back burner or are thrown completely out of the kitchen.

An AP Newswire poll released this morning indicates that 63% of the polls respondents are more than willing to give up their personal freedoms so the government can effectively fight the terrorists that nearly all of these individuals believe are coming from outside the United States, however, the Department of Homeland Security stated quite some time ago that foreign terrorists are the least of our concerns and domestic terrorism is the biggest threat to the stability of the present government. As the sewage of government corruption, outright lies and the empty promises of self-centered professional politicians floods in around us and we stare into the hollow eyes of what the United States government has become, those of us who have not sold off every weapon in our possession in the effort to pay the bills should count their lucky stars because the day is quickly approaching when your continued existence will depend on them.

There is no longer any question of whether or not we are going down, the only question worth asking anymore is how the liberal, the concerned, the caring, the politically correct and socially conscious people of this nation will taste when they are barbecued for dinner.

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