Los Angeles Unified School District Declares Homework Racist

Posted in Lotusland on July 13th, 2011 by MorningStar

Winging along on the hypothesis that only white kids have the security of a stable home life and parental concern necessary to complete the homework assignments given to them in school, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has declared homework to be “Racist,” and plan to force teachers to cap homework assignments at 10% of the student’s grade.

From my perspective this is nothing more than the city’s department of education attempting to create a way around their abject failure to effectively teach anything of merit to their students. The Los Angeles school system, like the educational systems throughout the state, has a well-deserved reputation for pathetic incompetence. Their ultra-liberal agenda has virtually paralyzed their ability to impart knowledge to the young students entrusted to them by the tax paying citizens and the teachers are required to spend the majority of their time pandering to the offspring of illegal aliens who cannot speak a word of English while the English speaking children succumb to boredom, and neither group finishes school with the ability to read or perform simple mathematical problems. With nearly half of the city’s high school students dropping out before graduation, the need to legitimize their incompetence is apparent.

Millions of educated, normal and productive adults managed to graduate from high schools around the country long before the current crop of liberal excuse makers took over this nation’s educational system and turned it into a monumental fiasco. What worked for them would work well for the children of today if it was given a chance and these mealy-mouthed teachers were held strictly accountable for the work they were hired to do.

As a native Californian, an American citizen and a tax-payer shackled to the outrageous debt growing exponentially as a result of the unfettered spending of my so-called elected representatives in both groups, I want to see more liberal teachers in the unemployment lines, not less. I want to see kids inundated with homework to the point where they have little time for anything else. I want to get something besides excuses for the millions of dollars spent on education. I want kids to learn, become brilliant, prosperous and filthy rich by creating new businesses and inventing gadgets that nobody ever dreamed of before. The key to prosperity for this nation is with our kids and we are not doing them any favors by coddling them when they’re young because nobody is going to coddle them when they are older.

As for the stupidity of California’s educators, read the article yourself and savor the depths of your own disgust.

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Meathead’s Revenge

Posted in Lotusland on May 13th, 2008 by MorningStar

In 1998, California’s intellectually challenged voters, wooed by the celebrity likes of Martin Sheen, Meredith Baxter, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Robin Williams, Michael Douglas, Charleton Heston, Democratic U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, Tom Hayden, and Willie Brown, the former Mayor of San Francisco, voted to pass Proposition 10, otherwise known as the “Reiner Initiative” because the proposition’s primary advocate and financial supporter was none other than Rob Reiner, perennial college student and archetypal liberal, Michael Stivic, affectionately referred to as the “Meathead” by his father-in-law, Archie Bunker, in the television sit-com “All In The Family.”       

Proposition 10, added 50 cents a pack to the state’s 37 cent a pack tobacco tax giving California the third-highest tobacco tax in the nation.  It was designed to financially discourage California’s teenagers and the poor from purchasing tobacco products while providing the state with a windfall $700 million in annual tobacco tax revenues that were supposed to be directed to early childhood development. Coincidentally, Rob Reiner, who invested nearly $2 million dollars of his own money in the campaign to pass Proposition 10 assumed a leadership role in disbursing $700 million in annual tobacco tax revenues.  Twenty percent of the tobacco tax money was to be distributed to a statewide commission that would pay for research, child care programs, administration and an anti-smoking campaign intended to educate pregnant women.  The remainder was to be divided among California’s 58 counties based on the percentage of state births recorded in each county, and each of these 58 counties would appoint a commission of volunteers to decide how its share of the money should be spent.

California’s overly gullible voters reading the Meathead’s ballot argument in favor of Proposition 10 believed that the increased tax money would be spent to provide childhood immunizations, vision and hearing tests, child care, health care and social services for children that were otherwise excluded or from existing state programs.     

After ten years of Proposition 10 with more than $7 billion dollars funneled into the tax coffers of California as a result of the increased tobacco tax, the citizens of the “Golden State” are beginning to discover that the parameters for “otherwise excluded” are extremely wide.  As it turns out, a very select group of savvy San Francisco parents, who also happen to be financially well-placed, have been tapping into the tax payer funded pot to pay for their children’s ice skating lessons, field trips to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, chartered bus trips to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield and supplies for their children’s Halloween parties.


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