The Obama Propaganda Machine – Waddling Toward Obscurity

Posted in Politics & Government on September 3rd, 2008 by MorningStar

Before I begin this posting I should remind everyone that the official position of the Democratic candidate for U.S. President, Barack Obama, is that the topic of Sarah Palin’s pregnant, unwed, teenage daughter is off-limits and the news media should minimize their coverage of the story. With that out of the way – The Los Angeles Times, a major Obama supporter and media outlet for every syllable uttered by the Democrat’s shining star, dedicated no less than five pages of the papers front news section and nearly half of the paper’s two-page editorial section to speculative comments about Sarah Palin’s pregnant, unwed, teenage daughter. In similar fashion, The Baltimore Sun, The Chicago Sun-Times, Denver’s Rocky Mountain News, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today and approximately 3,300 of this nations nearly 3,600 newspapers, the majority of which are all rabid supporters and campaign contributors to the Obama campaign, dedicated one or more pages of prime news space to speculative discussions concerning Sarah Palin’s pregnant, unwed, teenage daughter. It is only fair to point out that in virtually every article published the journalist responsible manages to squeeze in Obama’s comment about his view that discussions concerning Sarah Palin’s pregnant, unwed, teenage daughter are off-limits.

We have massive hurricanes ripping Louisiana to shreds, Democrats rioting outside the Republican national Convention, ninety-six 55 gallon drums of deadly cyanide bobbing around in Columbia’s Magdalena River, an ongoing military conflict in Georgia, an attempt to assassinate Pakistan’s prime minister, North Korea restarting their nuclear facilities, French scientists proposing to use a newly completed $10 billion dollar particle accelerator to validate the vintage of bottled wine, but that sort of stuff isn’t nearly as newsworthy as one seventeen year old unwed mother from some frozen corner of Alaska.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics forty-two out of every one thousand American teenage girls end up getting pregnant and having a child before they are married. This calculates out to approximately 1.5 million children being born every year to unwed teenagers in America. Approximately fifteen out of every thousand female teenagers in America go through abortion procedures every year in the United States, and when we combine the two statistics we can see that every year something like fifty-seven out of every one thousand American teenage girls manage to get pregnant out of wedlock. I don’t know how many female teenagers there are in the U.S. today and I am not going to speculate beyond saying that there are a lot of them, and pregnancy seems to be a fairly common occurrence among them. I would venture to say that virtually every human being living in the United States today knows at least one friend or relative closely associated with, or related to, a pregnant, unwed, teenage female. Statistically, teenage pregnancy is as common and routine as gang related killings in Los Angeles, the appearance of illegal aliens in New Mexico or the discovery of another corrupt politician in Washington. Sarah Palin’s pregnant, unwed, teenage daughter is not, I repeat, NOT news, and the only way Sarah Palin’s pregnant, unwed, teenage daughter could possibly be considered newsworthy is if someone discovered that Barack Obama were actually the father.

Fives pages of newsprint dedicated to Sarah Palin’s pregnant, unwed, teenage daughter and Barack Obama’s ludicrous assertion that the topic is off-limits, is not journalism. It is an attempt to smear. One brief article on the topic might be considered news. It is information related to a candidate running for high office, and people do have a right to know everything they can possibly find out about all of the candidates including information mildly associated with but not directly related to them. However, two or three days worth of prime newspaper space dedicated to speculative comments regarding one pregnant, unwed, teenage female is well beyond the pallor of objective journalism and it is becoming blatantly obvious, at least in my opinion, that despite his denials, Barack Obama has turned his liberal news dogs loose in a concentrated effort to smear the Republican vice-presidential candidate with the independent and entirely unrelated actions of her obviously free-spirited daughter.

Undoubtedly, there are many people who would debate that last point and while I will admit that I could care less about their point of view on this topic, I will say that it is beginning to look like Sarah Palin’s pregnant, unwed, teenage daughter is having a more adverse effect on the Obama Campaign than it will ever have on Sarah Palin or John McCain, because even if they are not directly responsible for the non-stop speculative news coverage, the vast majority of American voters, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, believe that they are directly responsible, because up to this point in time it has been completely obvious that the American news media currently publishing all of this nonsense has been operating under the firm control of Obama Central. Furthermore, it is just as obvious that if Barack Obama really wanted to silence the news coverage regarding this one pregnant teenager, he could do so instantly, and in complete confidence, by simply calling them with the order to cease coverage. However, for reasons that are just as obvious, Barack Obama doesn’t want the smear to stop.

A Zogby poll released over the weekend indicates that despite everything the news media has done to alter American opinion favorably toward Obama, the McCain/Palin ticket is still two points ahead in the race for the Whitehouse. The Democratic National Convention, the selection of Joe Biden as his vice-presidential running mate, and Obama’s less than inspiring acceptance speech all failed to give him the forward momentum he expected. Every credible nationwide poll is showing that Obama’s popularity is continuing to dwindle away and he is clearly becoming distraught, if not outright desperate to reverse the inevitable tide now flowing against him, and the only weapon in his paltry arsenal just happens to be Sarah Palin’s pregnant, unwed, teenage daughter. Unfortunately for Barack Obama, that meager weapon seems to be rallying the entire population of conservative and independent American Voters against him instead of for him, and every word published by the Obama propaganda machine, generally referred to as the “American News Media” seems to be increasing the precarious load on his already floundering boat.

By the end of 2009 the majority of Americans will be able to look back on this campaign and laugh at the naiveté of yet another Democratic presidential candidate caught up in far too many lies. John McCain and Sarah Palin will be voted into office and Barack Hussein Obama will join the grumbling ranks of John Kerry and Al Gore in the “close but not close enough” section of the bleachers. Ultimately, I believe that Obama will lose the election by a landslide and the McCain/Palin ticket victory will look like a mandate of the American people. Conservatism in American politics is about to be reborn, and if that rebirth coincides with the birth of one scared, unwed teenager’s new child, then so much the better for all of us.


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