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I recently received an email from a conservatively inclined friend containing the article below. I do not know where it was initially published or where he stumbled across it, but it certainly set me off. It was written by Doug Patton who describes himself as a recovered speechwriter. After a bit of searching I discovered that Mr. Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a political speechwriter and public policy adviser. His weekly columns are published in newspapers and Internet web sites, including The Conservative Voice and GOPUSA.com, where he is a senior writer and state editor. I contacted Mr. Patton and asked him if he wrote the article and he promptly replied that he did, and he gave me permission to reprint it here as long as I sent him a link to the site. Up front I am going to say that I don’t agree with what he says in the article, but I will save my thoughts on the matter until after you’ve had a chance to read it.


Perhaps WikiLeaks Has Done Us a Favor
By Doug Patton
December 6, 2010

The more that dribbles out of the whole WikiLeaks fiasco, the more I’m beginning to wonder if that little Tinkerbell character, Julian Assange, and his slimy “leakers” may have not done us all a favor.

First, it was revealed that the traitor who gave Assange most of the highly classified materials he has been spewing out for the last few months was a gay Army private named Bradley Manning. It seems that Manning was unhappy about the U.S. military’s policy of “don’t make us deal with your sexual preferences,” (otherwise known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”), so he betrayed his country.

This fact was exposed by my all-time favorite snarky author/columnist, Ann Coulter, who also contends that the document dump of thousands of pages of secret information has done untold damage to our national security interests. She’s right, of course, but as I said, there may be a silver lining to this otherwise dark cloud.

First, the fact is that the sordid tale of Bradley Manning shows us the lengths to which some disturbed people will go to alter a policy they think is “unfair.” What Manning did is as illogical as murdering an abortionist in order to save lives. Committing treason against one’s own country is at least as heinous as cold-blooded murder.

PFC Bradley Manning should be tried and, if found guilty, executed for his crimes. But he probably will not be, because the United States of America has no stomach for such things anymore. (Technically, our “leaders” have no stomach for it; the public would sanction it in a New York minute.)

The second layer of that silver lining is the most recent revelation. It seems that WikiLeaks has dumped a whole boatload of documents on the web that expose the sham of global warming. “WikiLeaks Cables Reveal How U.S. Manipulated Climate Accord” reads the headline. The story continues: “Embassy dispatches show America used spying, threats and promises of aid to get support for Copenhagen accord.”

As reported in The Guardian, the U.S. diplomatic “cables” published by Assange and his merry band of cyber-terrorists reveal how the U.S. (under Obama) sought dirt on nations opposed to its approach to tackling global warming. It also tells how financial aid was used to gain political backing, and how the U.S. carried out a secret global diplomatic offensive to overwhelm opposition to the controversial Copenhagen accord, the unofficial document that emerged from the ruins of the disastrous Copenhagen climate change summit in 2009.

What does a country have to do these days to sell Al Gore’s lie all around the world, anyway? Quite a bit, it turns out. Has anyone seen Al lately? Does anyone care?

Then there is the specter Assange and his ilk turning against Barack Obama. What we are witnessing is the worldwide Left doing what it does best: hating America. It really is irrelevant to them who is running this country. They still hate it. It matters little to them that Obama is basically one of them. Any vestige of capitalism, any shred of human freedom, any representation of the decency that is the United States, incurs their hatred. They cannot help themselves. We exist, therefore they hate us.

Finally, this whole ugly mess may give our shackled government goobers the guts they need to repeal the ridiculous law that says the CIA can’t put a bullet in the head of someone like Julian Assange.

All these disturbing revelations should give Americans pause to reflect on what it is that we have been, what we have become, and ultimately, what we will be. WikiLeaks is a tool being used in an effort to destroy America and the West, and its founder has overplayed his hand in an attempt to do so.

© 2010 by Doug Patton

Doug Patton describes himself as a recovering political speechwriter who agrees with himself much more often than not. Now working as a freelance writer, his weekly columns of sage political analysis are published the world over by legions of discerning bloggers, courageous webmasters and open-minded newspaper editors. Astute supporters and inane detractors alike are encouraged to e-mail him with their pithy comments at dougpatton@cox.net.


When Barack Obama promised to fix what was wrong with American government I didn’t believe him. When he claimed to be a patriotic American citizen and a Christian, I didn’t believe him. After he was elected to office and said that giving trillions of our tax dollars to the incompetent, mismanaged banks and investment companies would fix our economic problems I didn’t believe him and if Barack Obama came up to me on a bright sunny day in August out in the middle of the Mohave desert and told me it was warm I would check a thermometer to see if he was lying to me because most of what he has said so far has not been true. The sad truth is that I know that Barack Obama, the number one representative of my nation and of the United States government is a pathological liar, a con-artist, a Marxist and a manipulator and I can’t believe anything he says.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has less character and integrity than Barack Obama and the same is true for the United States Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, United States Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden and Bob Gates, Secretary of Defense. Inasmuch as this is just about everyone in the decision making pecking order for this country, then I suppose that what I am really saying here is that the United States government is, in my opinion, full of shit.

Bearing this in mind, it should be fairly easy to understand why when Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama say that the publication of the U.S. Embassy cables by Wikileaks is a terrible thing for America, devastating to our foreign relations and likely to get innocent people killed all over the planet, I have a tough time getting too excited. If anything the embassy cables are more apt to get American citizens upset with their government than they are to upset the leaders of foreign governments who are, more likely than not, only cooperating with the U.S. for the foreign aid we give them.

The American news media is full of dire predictions about the United States economy and every day we read how the national deficit is entirely out of control, services to the American public are being cut right and left, the government will be forced to borrow as much as $700 billion from the Republic of China before much longer and the Democrats in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives are telling us that tax increases are necessary if we want to avoid exacerbating the problems. Despite these serious financial problems, the United States government is constantly increasing the amount of money set aside every year for foreign aid. U.S. foreign aid reached $104.4 billion in 2005 and it has increased steadily from that point over the last five years. While most American citizens don’t make the connection between their tax dollars and U.S. foreign aid, those that do tend to believe that we must be getting something out of all the money we’ve spent, however, the embassy communications published by Wikileaks portray an entirely different story than what our government officials would have us believe.

Around one third of all U.S. aid goes Israel and Egypt and the majority of that money is used for armament. Given the fact that both of these countries are strong American allies actively fighting the terrorist movement among Islamic fundamentalists, it can be assumed that we are actually getting something worthwhile for the money spent, and there is no evidence that any of the money is being siphoned off to enrich the accounts of government officials at the expense of the American tax payers.

We are supplying large sums of the American tax payers money to Bolivia, Peru, Columbia and Mexico to subsidize their efforts against the cultivation, processing and eventual smuggling of illegal drugs. If it were not for the Wikileaks cables we would not know that the American taxpayer subsidized U.S financial assistance being given to Mexico for their fight against the drug cartels is probably ending up in someone’s pocket due to Mexico’s widespread official corruption or that the incompetence of Mexican officials in the fight against the drug cartels is made evident by the fact that there is little, if any communication between the local law enforcement agencies, the government and the military, all of whom are allegedly working on the country’s problems with the cartels.

From the embassy communications coming out of Bogota there is every reason to believe that the fight against illegal drugs and the Columbian governments fight against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are synonymous, and that our foreign aid to Columbia is being used to further that government’s heavy handed abuse of its citizens human rights including the widespread practice of extrajudicial executions by the Columbian military. This problem seems to be enhanced by the fact that president Uribe views the military’s success in terms of the number of people killed. President Uribe’s focus on the reduction of coca production appears secondary to his desire to kill off the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, but Uribe is a staunch ally of the U.S. against Venezuela’s communist dictator, and his anti-drug efforts are slightly more productive than those of the Afghan government so we are willing to overlook his bloodthirsty tendencies and continue supporting him with nearly $350 million American tax dollars every year regardless of what he does with the money. Despite the Columbian government’s appreciation for American money it did not stop them from issuing Columbian civil documents and passports to as many as 350 Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinian, Jordanian, Venezuelan, and Cuban nationals who may then have used those documents to obtain U.S. travel visas and fraudulently enter the United States as Columbian citizens.

The Wikileaks cables from Bolivia describe a government that verbally supports the U.S. drug war, thanks to the billions of U.S. dollars given to them in foreign aid but is at a loss to explain the anti-U.S. rhetoric, gratuitous insults towards the United States, or the Bolivian government agency’s assertions that the American DEA and other groups have committed human rights abuses in that country. Despite the decades of assistance already given to Bolivia, purportedly for their use in the fight against illegal drugs, that nation’s counter-narcotics policies have never been fully formulated and their commitment to U.S. drug interdiction efforts are seriously lacking. Despite threats to shut off the flow of U.S. tax payer funded multi-million dollar assistance programs, the government of Bolivia remains less than fully compliant and it appears that they are only willing to do what is minimally required to keep the American tax dollars flowing, and for all we know the money that is not being pocketed by corrupt government officials may be going to enhance the development of drug smuggling technology.

The billions of American tax dollars used to supply foreign aid to African nations make up what is probably the single biggest wasted effort ever in the history of U.S. foreign relations. The majority of this money goes directly into the pockets of corrupt government officials and what is left over is used to purchase the arms and ammunition that are so enthusiastically employed by Africa’s numerous genocidal military groups to slaughter off great portions of the civilian population. The entire continent of Africa is rapidly sinking into a cesspool of radical Islamic fundamentalism and the foreign aid we send over there, like the foreign aid we send to South American countries and to most of the Middle East including Afghanistan and Iraq is only adding to the deterioration. If we are going to send the tax dollars of American citizens to help with the development of a foreign country then we should know the details of the exchange, especially when there are so many things here in the United States that are falling apart due to the lack of funds. Our government should certainly not be hiding evidence of foreign government corruption, criminal activity and civil rights abuses by foreign leaders behind a veil of secrecy when it is our money that is supporting them.

Personally I think that Bradley Manning’s sexual preference is slightly less relevant to this story than whether Julian Assange is a nice guy or a complete asshole. Instead of debating about what new and creative tortures we can dream up for them maybe we should be looking at the outrageous steps our government has taken in their futile effort to put the cat back into the bag, and after looking at a few of those secret cables we might want to consider whether or not that is something we even want to waste our time on when we could be looking at all the lies our government has been telling us since 1960.

We can get our backs up, raise our flags, sing the national anthem and nuke Switzerland in a frenzy or patriotic rapture. We can piss and moan about the U.S. hating European liberal commie fags till the cows come home and Hell freezes solid but for all the self-righteous anger we can muster, the fact remains that we’ve been caught red-handed with our dick in the chicken and no amount of bluster, bravado or bloviating bullshit is going to erase the embarrassment we feel today for getting caught doing what is obviously and egregiously wrong.

Is the silver lining around this black cloud really the idea that our “shackled government goobers” might finally grow some balls and put a bullet in the head of someone like Julian Assange as this Patton character says, or is it the fact that we can no longer hide behind our self-righteous arrogance and must now try to figure out some way to restore credibility to our government, and not just to the world but to ourselves. Those cables are good evidence that the U.S. government has been feeding the citizens of this country a line of crap on virtually every fundamental issue of great importance for the last fifty years and the American news media has played an active part in the entire charade. Consider the implications of that. Essentially it means that everything we have read and studied about the American government that was published in the last half century is at best questionable. How can anyone tell what is true and what isn’t? If the government lies about one thing what is to keep them from lying about another? If this vision of Obama and his minions playing Bop The Gopher with Wikileaks weren’t so funny this would all be terribly depressing.

As far as I’m concerned this country has been going down the wrong track for decades and if Wikileaks has done anything they have merely proven that my suspicion was well founded. We should take up a collection to buy them and the queer soldier that stole the documents a big shiny medal, and then we should start working on ways to get this government of ours back on the right track. I don’t really care how the information got out, but I am glad that it did because, despite the problems it might cause, it is all information that the American people have a right to know and it is information that should have been made available to us all along. The biggest problem I have with this entire affair is not that the information was released by foreign liberals with dubious intention, but that so many of our so-called political representatives and American citizens are too busy screaming for somebody’s head on a platter to realize that “we the people” are the primary victim and the heads we should be screaming for are those of our top government officials. It is entirely obvious that the problems we face today as American citizens didn’t simply appear out of nowhere right after Barack Obama took office. He hasn’t done anything to fix the problems and has probably made them a lot worse but they didn’t begin with him. Before we get psyched up and replace all the Democrats with Republicans we might want to consider the fact that many of the serious issues we face began with the Republicans and neither of the two primary political parties in this country seems to be willing to work for the benefit of the American people. Shouldn’t the United States and the American people come first? As far as Wikileaks is concerned, why would we shoot the messenger for opening our eyes? We need more like them, not less. The biggest problem we face today is not our own embarrassment in the face of these leaks but where do we, as a people, go from here?

“I’m on the pavement thinkin’ ’bout the goverment….
…the pump don’t work cause the vandals stole the handles.”

Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues

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The Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives voted against the tax cut extension and the continuation of unemployment checks to the millions of out of work American citizens but they voted yes on the latest version of the Dream Act amnesty bill that will give U.S. citizenship to illegal aliens who were brought to the U.S. by their parents before the age of sixteen and who have graduated from high school. That’s a vote against benefit for American citizens and a vote for the benefit of parasitic criminal invaders. How do these characters justify giving entitlements to illegal aliens whose presence in this country is a violation of our law and deny tax breaks and unemployment insurance to American citizens victimized by Washington’s financial mismanagement? It’s bad enough that they have used our tax dollars to bail out both U.S. and foreign financial institutions without the slightest bit of oversight. It’s bad enough that those financial institutions have paid back their benefactors by illegally increasing the number of home foreclosures and making it nearly impossible for anyone to get a loan. It’s bad enough that our politicians are sinking our nation so deep in debt to hostile foreign nations that we will never recover. Now they want us to sit quietly by while they give U.S. citizenship to criminals that we have already been forced to support with free health care and grade school and college education, food, housing and everything else that the average middle class worker has to work 8 to 12 hours a day five days a week to get. Screw them! Illegal aliens are coming across the border at a rate of about 8,000 a day, they’re pumping out anchor babies like a bunch of fruit flies, collecting welfare checks and Social Security money they’ve got no right to, and we’re paying for everything while the Democrats are turning them into citizens as fast as they can and registering them to vote so they can stay in office, pad their pockets and raise the taxes even higher still. It doesn’t surprise me that American schools are among the worst in the world because the American people are the dumbest, most gullible fools to ever walk the surface of this planet. I just hope I’ve still got all my marbles when the Chinese call the debt due and sell us all off as slaves to Iran because then I can find a couple of Obamites and throttle the life out of them.

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Putting The Lid Back On Pandora’s Box

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Despite the Associated Press video news report stating that Wikileaks has been successfully hounded off the Internet by the U.S. Government, I connected directly to the Wikileak’s web site straight from the Yahoo news page where this video was carried. Furthermore, as of December 6, 2010, the content available at Wikileaks is being mirrored by 507 sites worldwide.

The main Wikileak’s web site, now based on the servers of Switzerland’s Pirate Party has been under constant attack since it first opened and the denial of service attack has rendered the site temporarily unavailable at times and very slow to download when accessed. Despite the incessant hacking, all of the material is backed up repeatedly and with more than 500 mirrors already established, it is doubtful that this information with ever be successfully censored.

It is astonishing to witness the global extent of the U.S. government’s heavy handed bullying in their efforts to silence the seemingly never-ending stream of releases from Wikileaks. On December 2rd Amazon.com caved in to pressure by Joe Lieberman (ID-CT) and kicked Wikileaks off its servers, they moved to the servers of France’s OVH and the French government promptly caved in under U.S. pressure forcing Wikileaks to move their operation to Switzerland. Lieberman also vented his rage on the data-visualization company Tableau in his effort to get Wikileaks blacklisted. Bowing to the wrath of the American government the EBay subsidiary PayPal froze Wikileaks account and notified their members that they would no longer allow contributions to the site through their service and this afternoon it was announced that MasterCard has also succumbed to the pressure. The Republican representative Pete King urged the U.S. Attorney to designate Wikileaks a “foreign terrorist organization,” and to prosecute founder Julian Assange for espionage, meanwhile Senator Lieberman and other Washington lawmakers have introduced legislation that would make it a federal crime for anyone to publish the name of a U.S. intelligence source. We have heard congressional representatives call for the assassination of Julian Assange and the entire Wikileaks staff and U.S. presidential wantabe Sarah Palin even chimed in with her condemnation of the web site and the release of the embassy communications.

Probably the one thing that I find most amazing about all of this hysteria is that the crime Wikileaks has allegedly committed is a crime that the New York Times, The Washington Post and most other large metropolitan newspapers commit with impunity on a fairly regular basis. If fact there are journalists at the New York Times and the Washington Post whose entire careers have been built on leaking sensitive classified U.S. military information, and more often than not, those leaks were responsible for the deaths of American military personnel overseas. The primary difference between what Wikileaks has done and what the New York Times or the Washington Post has done in the past is that the American news media’s intelligence leaks were politically motivated by journalists with an axe to grind against a U.S. presidential administration they wanted to destroy, while Wikileaks is confirming a small mountain of previously published rumors regarding the United States and their overall goal is to enlighten and educate.

The American newspapers lean heavily on precedent set in court decisions to avoid prosecution, such as the Supreme Court decision related to Bartnicki v. Vopper, where the court held that the First Amendment precluded liability for a media defendant when the publication of illegally obtained communications when the media defendant did nothing illegal to obtain those communications. The American media and more than a few American politicians have quickly pointed out that they do not consider Wikileaks to be a legitimate news media organization before stopping to realize that the First Amendment protection would not require the guilty party to be a recognized media establishment. The implication that a recognized news media organization somehow enjoys the privilege of being a licensed leaker of government secrets is fairly ludicrous.

When the founders of this nation insured the continued freedom of speech and of the press I am fairly certain that they could not have imagined a day when the American news media was nothing more than the propaganda mouthpiece of the American government. Quite frankly, the U.S. news media lacks even the smallest and most miniscule fraction of credibility. American journalists are characterized by their willingness to plagiarize, mislead, slant and when all else fails fabricate from nothing the stories they report and many Americans have simply given up on them in their efforts to remain abreast of current topics of importance. As bad as the American news media might be the over the top illogical rhetoric coming out of the Department of State is just as bad, such as their recent announcement that Wikileaks is guilty of providing targeting lists to Al Qaeda. You would think that if Hilary wanted to point her embassy spies at a list of specific targets she would find a way to send the message that offered more security than a freaking email and as far as the list went, she probably got it from Al Qaeda to begin with. Anyone with an ounce of strategic sense and an Internet connection could reason out a similar list of companies with American defense contracts and the locations of important global communications components. As embarrassing as these leaks are to the U.S. and as damaging as they might be to this nation’s diplomatic relations the fact that the Secretary of State has turned our ambassadors into skulking spies should not be forgotten.

As long as it is my tax dollars that are being used to bankroll the government of Afghanistan I have a right to know if the vice-president of that country smuggles $52 million out of the country. I have a right to know if the president of Afghanistan is a reputed drug dealer and rotten to the core. I have every right to know if the Saudi government is the main source of financial income to terrorists all over the planet, just as I have the right to know if the Iraqi president is nothing more than an Iranian puppet. When the politicians in Washington are telling us that we need to support this or that, we have the right to make an informed decision and that is entirely impossible without truthful information. When our president says that he is willing to sit down and negotiate with snakes we need to know the facts of that arrangement ahead of time because this is our country and we have a say in what goes on and what direction we take into the future.

If the people of this nation don’t wake up to the realization that the deplorable situation we now find ourselves in the result of letting our country be run by politicians who represent only their own best interests they we may as well resign ourselves to whatever disastrous fate they force us into. Then again we will not know what that fate is until we are sliding over the edge because if our government can silence men like Julian Assange who will be there to warn us ahead of time?

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Wickileaks – Doing More For Liberty Than The U.S. Congress

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I suppose, as an American citizen I should be irate about the publication of more than 250,000 highly confidential U.S. embassy communications by Wickileaks, and maybe more so that those secret American documents were published for the world to review by individuals who are not American citizens and whose agenda is, as yet, unclear to most of us.  The content of those documents aside, the enormity of the leak would be frustrating for any nation, but for one that prides itself on the accumulation of power and wealth as we do, hearing the shutter click while stooped over in a most undignified pose, with our pants down around our ankles and our furry butts hanging chill in the wind would be, for lack of any better term, embarrassing.

The Obama administration quickly promised that heads would roll as a result of this “leak,” and they condemned the publication of the documents as being highly irresponsible, and as an act that could put the lives of American citizens in jeopardy around the world.  I imagine that might be true, but it seems to me that American citizens have been the target of foreign aggression for so long already that I am a bit confused as to how this event could make matters worse.  Then again, I know that bad can always find room to get worse so I would not deny this possibility.  However, I do have to wonder a bit about whether the current presidential administration is actually so concerned about the welfare of Americans abroad, or if they are merely throwing out a convenient expression of concern to cover some deeper fear that they are unwilling to voice?  That question is the blood and gristle that serves to make truly great conspiracy theories and I am not too inclined to go in that direction so I will stop that exploration here before it gets out of hand and ten pages later I throw this posting into the digital trash heap.

As far as the claim that these documents will add to the danger American’s face overseas, I suppose it could be true.  No matter how easy it is for individuals to acquire knowledge and information on this rapidly shrinking ball of a planet, the ignorant and the narrow-minded will always prefer to remain ignorant and narrow-minded rather than accept what is blatantly obvious and true.  Time and distance may shrink away to nothing and the arbitrary borders between geographic locations may continue to grow hazier with each passing day, but the inhabitants within those borders will undoubtedly continue to wrap themselves in their meaningless flags and battle on over which side of the egg to open first as long as there is an egg to open and opposing opinions exist.

Admittedly, the collection of supposedly “secret” documents published by Wickileaks is enormous, and the content is uncommonly free of the usual high degree of politically correct wishy-washy phraseology that we normally see in the memos and press releases that have been officially blessed by the U.S government, but is that really such a bad thing?  The language of the leaked documents lacks the verbal adornment of the carefully considered sound bites that we are accustomed to hearing from our government.  After reviewing a number of the communications it becomes apparent that the acceptable style is to begin by succinctly stating a fact or observation and then to substantiate that statement with supporting evidence and conclusions reached by expert assessment of the overall facts.  There is little room for weasel-words and innuendo, and in every document that I have read so far, it is plainly evident that every attempt was being made to communicate a particular set of facts in as clear and concise a manner as humanly possible.  Unlike most, if not all, of the mind numbing drivel that we read in the news or hear spewing from the lips of our elected representatives at every level of the American government, these “leaked” communications literally reek with credibility.  Furthermore, and probably the most refreshing aspect of this entire event, these documents largely confirm what most intelligent Americans already suspected as being true behind the curtains of many other governments to say nothing of the quirky nature of some foreign leaders.  If the American government is so stunningly mortified by the brutal honesty contained in those documents it might be prudent of us to wonder why that would be.  What exactly is the American government trying to hide and who do they want to hide it from?

Simple logic and a drab of old-fashioned common sense seem to indicate that the individual people, whether Muslim or Christian, Buddhist or agnostic, are essentially pretty much the same.  Kids are born, grow up, fall in love and get married; they have families they care about and want to provide for regardless of whether they live in Portugal, Dublin or Minnesota.  The majority of parents worldwide tend to nurture and protect their offspring; they struggle to provide for them to the best of their ability, and if it is within their power, they provide the things that their parents could not in the hope that their children will grow up to be more successful, intelligent and productive members of the world around them.  Fanatical fundamentalist’s aside, no mother wants to bury her child regardless of the cause.  Mothers want grandchildren, not corpses and it doesn’t matter if those mothers are in Omaha or Yemen this is generally the case.  No matter where we go, if we study the people and really get to know them we discover that we all pretty much want the same things and the only time major differences seem to crop up is when they are forced to the surface by governments.  Absent the manipulative influence of the politicians wielding the authority of government power, the people who do the work and pay the bills all seem to want essentially the same sorts of things.  With this understanding safely tucked beneath our caps, is it really all that surprising to discover that the leaders of foreign countries are just as corrupt, greedy, narrow-minded, manipulative, dishonest, and out of touch with their own people as our own elected leaders in Washington D.C.?

Is it really all that surprising to anyone in the United States to discover that Moammar Gaddafi is slightly loonier than Barack Obama?  Is the disclosure of Hamid Karzai’s duplicitous, self-serving trickery any more alarming to us than the duplicitous self-serving trickery so evident among the elected officials we so gullibly trusted to represent our best interests in this nation’s capital?  Were any American citizens stunned speechless by the revelation that the government of China might be sneaking around behind our backs stealing every scrap of information that isn’t nailed down and creating havoc whenever possible?  Honestly speaking, if anything in the leaked communications is viewed as surprising, alarming or stunningly shocking by the American people, then we are obviously a lot more foolish and gullible than we or the world ever thought possible.

The news media’s begrudging acknowledgement of the supporting role that Iran’s government has played in worldwide terrorism is no longer necessary, now that what should have been reported in the American news six years ago has been made clear, thanks to many of the leaked documents out of Baghdad.  As bad as it might be to have black and white confirmation of Iran’s terrorist activities in Iraq and elsewhere around the Middle East, it is even worse to now discover that our government knew it and did nothing, and more damning yet, has actively tried to sweep it all under the rug so we wouldn’t notice while Iran, a nation of terrorists and financers of worldwide terrorist activities, is free to pursue their goal of producing the nuclear weapons that will inevitably be used to slaughter American men, women and children, and most likely, do so on American soil.  When you consider the implications, it is a bit easier to understand why the leaders of our nation are so upset by the publication of these confidential communications.

If there is anything at all surprising in this it is the enormous number of lies, half-truths, cover-ups, outright con jobs and omissions of relevant facts exposed to the light of day by the initial spurt of published documents.  Of the 251,287 leaked United States embassy cables in Wickileak’s possession only 598 have been posted on their website up to this point, so if you think the sound of gnashing teeth and mournful wailing is loud now you haven’t heard anything yet.  Interestingly enough, on November 26th, Wickileak’s founder communicated with the U.S. Department of State through an intermediary and invited them to “privately nominate any specific instances (record numbers or names) where it considers the publication of information would put individual persons at significant risk of harm that has not already been addressed,” and the Legal Adviser of the Department of State, Harold Koh, rejected the proposal with the statement, “We will not engage in a negotiation regarding the further release or dissemination of illegally obtained U.S. Government classified materials”.  Assange offered the U.S. State Department the chance to veto publication of anything they deemed especially dangerous or damaging, and despite their protest that some of the information contained in the communications could endanger individuals as well as the National security of the United States and other countries, they elected to not participate. While some of the biggest news media meatheads in the U.S. are trying to make the claim that they have filtered out the names of individuals who might be harmed, and have exercised their overwhelming sense of responsibility by not re-printing any leaked memos that might cause harm to American military personnel now overseas, don’t believe it.  The communications that have been re-printed in the news are exactly the same as they appear on the Wickileak’s web site.  The personnel at Wickileaks have carefully reviewed each document and they removed the names of individuals who would possibly be harmed, and it was determined by the people at Wickileaks that some of the cables could put the lives of American soldiers at risk and needed to be withheld from publication.  The American news media, as far as I am aware, has barely began to cover the cables or their content, and any claim that they might have had some part to play in the story is simply an indication of delusional thinking.

It is interesting to note that shortly after Wickileaks published an embarrassing collection of secret internal U.S. military logs concerning the Afghan conflict on July 25,2010 Swedish authorities began an investigation into allegations that their founder, Julian Assange, had raped a woman in Enköping on the 14th of August, and that he had sexually harassed a second woman in Stockholm two days later.  Immediately following the initiation of this investigation the matter was dropped by Swedish chief prosecutor Eva Finné on the grounds that the allegations were without merit, and both of the women in question admitted to having unprotected and consensual sex with Assange.  On August 31, Julian Assange was questioned by Swedish police for an hour and then released.  On September 1, the day following Assange’ interrogation and release, Claes Borgström, a Swedish politician and the legal representative for one of the two women appealed against the decision to not prosecute and immediately following that a senior Swedish prosecutor re-opened the rape investigation saying new information had come in.  Despite this activity, Julian Assange was not arrested and it was not until November 18th that the District Court in Stockholm received and approved a new request to detain Assange for questioning on suspicion of rape, sexual molestation, and unlawful coercion.  The action of the District Court in Stockholm came shortly before Wickileaks first announced their intention to publish the classified material contained in the U.S. Embassy cables, however, none of this raised much attention in the U.S. news media until eight days after the initial Wickileaks release when on November 30th Interpol issued an international arrest warrant against Assange on behalf of Sweden for questioning on allegations of sex crimes.  The Swedish Director of Public Prosecutions, Marianne Ny, who reopened the investigation said she had requested the warrant because, “so far, we have not been able to meet with him (Assange) to accomplish the interrogation.”  However, Assange’s British legal counsel, Mark Stephens disputes this statement explaining that he and his client agreed to meet with the Swedish authorities at the Swedish embassy or Scotland Yard or via video link and that Ny flatly refused to cooperate and insisted that Assange return to Sweden at his own expense and be subjected to a media circus that Ny intends to orchestrate more for her own benefit than for anything related to the need for justice.  Meanwhile, Assange’s Swedish lawyer, Björn Hurtig, claimed that the evidence against Assange was “very meager,” and that despite the uproar, “It’s not enough to get him convicted for crime.”  I can’t help but wonder how one would go about explaining why they filed a rape allegation with the police after freely admitting that they willingly got butt naked and hopped into bed with someone for the intentional purpose of having sex.  Despite my strong reluctance to engage in creative speculation or “Conspiracy Mongering” in the absence of facts I have to admit that this appears to be orchestrated.  You would think that someone who raped two women in the same number of days would show a history of such activity in the past, or at least have a history of mental instability, but nothing of that nature has been brought to light. While some may be inclined to point out that Juliann Assange’s reluctance to come forward and face his interrogators and accusers publicly in a Swedish court of law is an indication of his guilt, I would not agree.  The man has good reason to fear for his continued existence, he has stepped on plenty of powerful toes recently, and many well placed and politically powerful leaders, including quite a few in the United States, have called for his assassination. Many American politicians have branded Assange a criminal and an “enemy combatant,” saying that he should be immediately arrested.  It has also been suggested that the U.S. government treat the Wickileak’s team like a terrorist organization. Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, an independent representative from Connecticut, described the Wickileaks publication of the secret U.S. Embassy communications as “illegal, outrageous, and reckless acts (that) have compromised our national security and put lives at risk around the world.”  While the American news media has reluctantly begun to cover some of the information leaked in the communications, their primary focus seems to be on their participation in the U.S. government’s character assassination of Julian Assange.   Why is this not surprising?

Whatever you think about Wickileaks or Julian Assange, its founder, you have to wonder about the necessity of so much government secrecy in a democracy that serves the interests of its people and depends on an informed electorate to make wise decisions concerning the course of our nation’s future.  The American news media no longer acts as a watchdog of the public and private sector and the information that American citizens require in their role as an informed electorate is increasingly being labeled “secret” by politicians and government officials whose primary interest is to hide the evidence of their own illegitimate and unconstitutional acts from the prying eyes of American citizens who have every right in the world to know what sort of criminal activity is being perpetrated in their name.

Admittedly, even the most open and transparent of governments occasionally face the need to maintain the secrecy of certain pieces of information in times of war and global unrest, but it is plainly evident that the vast majority of these embassy communications do not warrant the level of all-encompassing censorship that our government has applied.  The need to maintain the secrecy of some information can be understood when the lives of individuals, or military personnel operating overseas, would be placed in direct jeopardy, but that need is far from evident in this circumstance.  National security is another justification for maintaining the secrecy of some information, but it would clearly take a broad stretch of the most creative imagination to explain how the national security of the United States is threatened by 99.999% of the published U.S. Embassy cables released up to this point in time on the Wickileaks’ web site.  It is my opinion that the United States government is less concerned about the national security issues to this nation, or the potential threat to individuals overseas as a result of this leak, than they are concerned about the widespread dissemination of information to the American public that will blow the lid off of their carefully designed and completely false political charade.  In simpler terms, I think the American government, or more specifically, certain American politicians, are more afraid of the damage this leak might cause to their own self-serving and completely illegitimate interests than any potential threat to the security of the American government itself.

The same political representatives and government officials that have long ignored the threat of our nation’s unsecured borders while turning a blind eye to the simple fact that, at any time, massive groups of armed terrorists could easily cross that unguarded stretch of empty and unsecured land to enter the U.S. where they could easily and unsuspectingly rein death, havoc, and destruction down on innocent American civilians with biological, or even nuclear weapons now want us to believe that U.S. Embassy communications disclosing Moammar Gaddafi’s predilection for statuesque blond nurses somehow endangers America’s interests abroad.  Those same burnt-out political hacks who have long known that drunken and criminally inclined, predatory illegal aliens infesting the United States maliciously slaughter more than 4000 innocent American citizens every year now demand that every American with an ounce of patriotic juice running through their veins churn with rage because this web site leaked “Secret” U.S. Embassy communications confirming the previously widespread publication of American news stories that government operatives, private security experts and Internet outlaws recruited by the Chinese government have been hacking Google and other American targets for years while our government did nothing to stop it.  The worthless crooks in Washington D.C. have been lying to the American people for longer than any of us have been alive, who’ve ripped off most of our money to make themselves rich and secure their positions in office, and have passed tons of bogus legislation to insure that they and their friends are well taken care of while we foot the bill at the cost of our homes, the welfare of our families and the economic security of our future, and now they want us to be outraged because they have been exposed for the crooks and liars they really are?  Get real.

I am having a tough time getting overly excited about this horrible threat to our nation.  From where I’m sitting this looks like a fine opportunity to shine the light of day on Washington D.C.’s biggest cockroaches nest.  Before they all scatter for cover we should incinerate them.  In my opinion, Wickileaks has done the American people a huge favor.

Rather than reading the second hand accounts that are heavily processed, filtered and slanted by the American news media you might consider simply getting your information first hand through the Wickileaks’ web site.  The Wickileaks web site suffered a major denial of service attack shortly after posting the first of the leaked embassy documents and survived.  Their service provider (Amazon.com) turned them out in the cold and interrupted their service for all of about two hours.  If you have trouble finding them try Googling “Wikileaks” and you will either be directed to their main site or a mirror somewhere else.

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