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It seems that nobody in our federal government’s multiplicity of departments or agencies has the responsibility for tracking the growing number of American citizens that are losing, or have lost their homes and been shoved out onto the streets as a result of the predatory lending practices of this nation’s number one government sanctioned criminal enterprise, the banking industry. If there is such an agency or department, and an accurate tally of the banking industries victims are known then that information is a closely guarded secret, and the estimates that are being released through the news media are intentionally designed to minimize the severity of the catastrophe as part of the concerted effort to convince us that the economy, thanks to the current administration, is on the mend and hope for the future is justified. However, there are anywhere from 16 to 20 million American families whose home mortgages are significantly “upside down,” “underwater,” have “negative equity” or any of the other vague euphemisms for being financially gang raped to the point of near death, and convincing them that things are looking up for the future is going to take a bit more than manipulating a few statistics, telling a half-dozen new lies, or cooking up some hollow promise of future action that never occurs, and if it does, fails to apply to anyone but the slimmest margin of well-favored minority supporters.

The well-turned euphemistic terms for losing their homes and suffering the trauma associated with families being forcibly evicted to the street are just part of the manipulative effort to depersonalize the situation being discussed. Statistics and percentages raise no disruptive racket and have no faces to stare back at us, and that is precisely what the current crop of overly corrupted “elected representatives of the people” does not want us to consider.

Our political leaders are overjoyed with the public’s acceptance of meaningless numbers, financial jargon, and empty promises of solutions that always seem to fall short of accomplishing anything beyond making it easier for the banks to loot the homes of the vanquished citizenry.

Hope for the future is the 21st century American equivalent of the Roman circus.

Hope distracts our attention from the fact that millions of middle-class American families are being forced out of their homes, displaced to an unknown and decidedly insecure future. It’s about shattered dreams, kids being uprooted from their schools and friends, it’s about entire families losing their sense of security and stability, it’s about the shameful stigma of ruined credit, the loss of social standing and credibility among one’s family and peers, it’s about people being victimized by a banking industry that has been subsidized with tax money taken from their wages by the government, and finally, it’s about the government of the United States turning its back on millions of American citizens and it’s about the death and dismemberment of the American dream.

Our local, state and federal government representatives are working overtime trying to figure out new and exciting ways to convince all of us that what we are seeing with our own two eyes is, in truth, a massive illusion, and anyone who believes otherwise is a delusional fool, unpatriotic, possibly a racist of some sort, a despoiler of our planet’s environmental system, or at the very least, an anarchistic and anti-social asshole. They insist that “hope,” the most weightless of all human commodities, and “faith in our government leaders” will somehow reverse reality while miraculously overcoming any problem that arises. Statistical data means nothing, and there are no lessons from history worth considering so long as our “Hope” is sufficient and our “Faith” unwavering. Also, providing that we, the American voters, turn out in large numbers to support their efforts by re-electing them in the future, and don’t turn to the dark side in the delusional belief that we can change reality by switching the political party in power. The saddest and most unavoidable fact of modern life in the United States of America today is that our elected leaders are counting on our abysmal ignorance to see them through, and even sadder still is the fact that we will not let them down.

In 2007 the federal government collected more than $2.4 trillion in tax revenues after refunds. $248.6 billion of that tax revenues came from individual taxpayers and the rest of it came from the allegedly greedy corporations who purportedly never pay their fair share, or so we are being told. An additional $350 billion in taxes due went uncollected, and this represents the unfulfilled tax obligations of the uber-rich fat cats with superheros acting as their tax attorneys as well as the growing number of political elitists who are above the tax laws that oppress the common folk, and seemingly considered unaccountable for their criminal actions. How much of that tax money was directly used to benefit the American people, to rebuild our crumbling metaphors or to run the American government? Every dime of the money collected by the IRS in taxes was spirited away to private banking enterprises to service the loans they have made to the American government. That is, 100% of every tax penny collected from the paychecks of the American workers and culled from the corporate accounts of the alleged tax evading corporate dead beats was promptly and unceremoniously stuffed into the fur-lined pockets of the private bankers who have engineered the financial collapse of our nation and now circle overhead in breathless anticipation of the profitable meal awaiting them when the stumbling body wandering through the financial desert beneath them gasps it’s last breath and hits the sand face down in death.

The money our government expends in the effort to continue its day to day operations, the fantastic amount of money being funneled into the income redistribution efforts of our government’s massive social welfare programs (the largest item in our federal budget), is all the result of additional loans taken out by our government from the various banking institutions to which we are already so deeply indebted. The national debt currently being carried by the United States is now above $14 trillion, and it it is not already, the amount of our nation’s indebtedness will soon surpass the nation’s yearly total gross domestic product. That is the point where we could give everything of value manufactured in this nation to pay off the debt we owe and still fall short. It is also the point where our currency begins to lose value, our creditors begin to lose faith in our ability to repay our debts, and our country’s financial framework and economy takes a head-long dive into the deep end of a dry pool.

The abyss of ruin yawns wide at our feet, and yet the American voters are beset by confusion as to whether or not they should vote for a president who believes that he can use their hard-earned wages to spend his way out of debt, and even as they ponder the answer to this seemingly easy riddle, that president is working tirelessly to counteract their potential negative decision by buying the support of minority special interest groups with promises to kick open the immigration floodgates further inundating the nation with illiterate, unskilled immigrant bodies in complete disregard for the fact that there are no jobs for them to fill and nearly 23% of all working age American citizens are, themselves, unemployed, under-employed, and have no real prospects for future employment at any point in the foreseeable future.

The United States of America is said to be the most technologically advanced nation the world has ever seen, it is reputed to possess the finest educational resources in all of humanity’s known and recorded history. As rumor has it, America stands tall as a beacon of enlightenment in a world filled with darkness, despair, political corruption and tyrannical depravity. Despite all of this, the technology, the educational attainment, and the much over-rated enlightenment, the American people are paralyzed by confusion and befuddled by indecision when faced with the simple decision of whether or not we should leap headlong into the flaming and bottomless pit of destruction as our political leadership is encouraging us to do, and in fact, are advising us is the only true, compassionate and sane course of action that we can possibly take, regardless of the obvious reality, the reality we know in our hearts and our guts, regardless of the knowledge that we cannot defy the financial laws of common sense forever, regardless of the looming day of reckoning bearing down upon us like a massive tsunami that will dwarf the destruction of all such natural disasters in the past, regardless of the fact that our government leaders are betting on the fools gamble, and the cost of failure includes the loss of everything, including our nation, freedom, liberty, our homes, our security, our way of life, all that we hold sacred in life, everything we love, and essentially, all that makes life worth living. The sweet, short and most succinct answer to the question being asked by these confused and befuddled individuals is that, yes, we can spend our way out of debt, the politicians in Washington have seen the big picture of what’s what, and they alone know the secret way out, you must have Hope, you must have Faith. We cannot go backwards so the only direction open is forward, government must grow to ensure prosperity, blah, blah, blah… This is the biggest lie to slide off Satan’s oily tongue in the entire history of evil, and many are the pathetic souls who have swallowed the demon’s hook. Are we, the American people so blindly stupid and self-absorbed that we can see no other way?

The founders of this nation bequeathed to all American citizens a legacy of freedom and liberty. That freedom and liberty was ensured to us by the limited form of government they established. A form of government in which no Department of Education existed, no Department of Commerce existed, no Environmental Protection Agency existed, no Department of Labor existed and no Department of Housing and Urban Development existed. In fact, none of the legions of countless federal agencies, departments, congressional committees and boards that waste money and make our lives miserable with redundant laws and needless regulations existed. There was no central bank to manipulate our nation’s economy, endlessly juggle our nation’s financial books to make things appear differently than they really were, there were no income taxes, no corporate taxes and for that matter, no corporations to hide behind special legislative deals carved out for them at the expense of everyone else. Under that noble form of government our currency was backed by precious metals, the depth of our nation’s pocket was only so deep, and the keepers of the drawstring around that purse were ever mindful of their responsibility to the public’s trust. This was the fertile ground upon which freedom and liberty thrived, and it is the claim of fools and liars that we cannot go back to what worked so well in the past.

Of course we cannot expect something so priceless to come without sacrifice on our parts. We would have to give up an increasingly oppressive government, debts that can never be paid, an elitist political class that believes they are above the common men they are meant to serve, a rapidly disintegrating economy, and a snot-nosed president serving a private agenda that seems to include making everything worse. We would also have to give up on the idea that “hope” is the only recourse available to a people whose God given rights are being trampled and taken away, whose nation is being sold off to the highest foreign bidder, whose government has become riddled with corruption, and whose future looks a bleak and ominous as ours does today. It’s the sort of choice that makes you wonder how anyone could possibly be confused about any of it.

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