Obama Figures Queers As Stupid As Other Minorities

He promised the Black voters he would take care of everything, increase their welfare checks, pay off their mortgages, double their civil rights and bitch-slap their honky oppressors; Once elected he would get his new-found brothers and sisters free college educations, good paying jobs and fancy houses in formerly white neighborhoods. In the last four years he’s managed to get one rich, black, college professor out of jail after he slapped a cop, but other than that he’s pretty much turned his back on the Black communities and left them to fend for themselves. The promises got kicked under the rug and the poor Blacks are suffering worse under his economic plans than any other minority group in the nation.

He promised the Hispanics an end to the immigration problem. Certain amnesty for the 20 plus million illegal aliens crowding into the U.S. and social welfare programs up the wazoo for all who signed sided with him. Once elected, he spit in the faces of the legal Hispanic citizens who came to this country legally in hopes of bettering their lives. He’s ignored the problems of their communities becoming a haven for illegal alien criminals, rapists, pedophiles, gang-bangers and drug addicts, and in the last four years he has done nothing to solve the immigration problem that is worse today than ever before. His economic policies have decimated the Hispanic communities along with the other minorities and they are no better off today than they were under George W. Bush. Their loyal support for Obama in 2008 got them nothing more than a kick in the teeth and higher taxes to pay for the social welfare programs putting money in the pockets of the scum they tried to escape when they left Mexico to come here.

In the last four years Obama has managed to make it easier for the rich to get richer, he’s given the banks and credit-card companies the upper hand over the low and middle-class debtors they’ve been bleeding dry for years, and he’s even managed to figure out a way to pay their over-inflated salaries with the hard-earned tax dollars of the dwindling number of working-class American tax-payers.

He has broken his campaign promises to the Blacks, the Hispanics, the greedy labor union assholes, the poor, the middle-class and everyone else that was dumb enough to fall for his lies and cast their ballot in his favor. Ironically enough, most of these people are too stupid to understand how badly they’ve been screwed and plan to vote for the jerk again, however, the first Black presidential swindler of the U.S. government is now running for his second term and sees the need to hedge his bets by cornering the market on yet another minority group.

Obama now figure that the lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals and transgender voters of the U.S. will supply just enough votes to ensure his victory in the 2012 presidential election. The simple mention of his support for same-sex marriage was enough to drop them to their knees (so to speak) and now he is rolling out all sorts of campaign programs aimed at convincing them that he is their one and only hope for salvation. How stupid can people be? I guess we’ll find out.

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