The Pathetic State of California Politics

The state of California should be considered the poster child for a legislative act requiring all voters pass an intelligence test prior to being allowed within 500 yards of a polling place.  Furthermore, I would joyfully and enthusiastically support any ballot measure in California that made it a misdemeanor to use an elected state politician as a target for periodic or impromptu rifle practice regardless of said rifle’s ability to fire in a semi-auto or full-auto capacity, the caliber of the rifle being used, the deadly nature or penetrating power of the cartridges loaded, or how many cartridges one could fit into its magazine.  As evidence for the need of such future legislative acts I submit the following information on the ballot referendums recently passed by California voters.

Proposition 30
Proposition 30 will increase sales taxes by 1/4 percent for four years and increase income taxes on earnings over $250,000 for seven years.  As with all so-called “temporary tax measures” these time restrictions mean nothing.  Throughout the entire recorded history of the state, no temporary tax increase imposed has ever been removed as promised.  The $6 billion increase in tax revenue expected from this measure will go straight into the general fund of the state and there is no accountability for how it will be used.  This may benefit Henderson, Nevada and other affluent, rapidly growing, out-of-state suburbs if the state citizens upset by the passage of this measure and the increase in their taxes decide to move, and since many of those people are also small-business owners, they will more than likely take their business with them, resulting in a loss of jobs for the state.  This measure will not reduce or otherwise affect the rapidly escalating cost of the state’s public school system nor will it impact the underfunded state employee pension fund.

Proposition 39
Proposition 39 will dramatically increase corporate income taxes which will ultimately force even more of the state’s large employers to close shop and move to Arizona, Texas or somewhere else where the state isn’t as openly hostile to business and common sense is a bit more common.  The loss in tax revenue resulting from this corporate migration will greatly reduce the expected increase anticipated by the incompetent political hacks that came up with this brilliant idea.  The loss of these businesses will also decrease the number of employment positions in the state and increase the already dismal unemployment rate.  Since there is no accountability provision built into this massive tax increase the politicians in Sacramento will be free to squander whatever additional revenue they gain from this as they see fit.

Proposition 35
Proposition 35 re-defines the legal concepts of pimping, pandering, and prostitution as human-trafficking.  Furthermore, under this law if “anything of value given or received” is associated with an act of sex, that act then becomes a ”commercial sex act” under the terms of this provision and the person or persons receiving can be convicted of human-trafficking and that person would have to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life.  According to these changes in terminology the son or daughter of a prostitute receiving the normal sustenance and shelter of daily life as a result of their parent’s illicit earnings would be considered as having received something of value and therefore in violation of the state’s human-trafficking law.  That child, upon conviction, would then be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life and would be subject to increased fines and prison terms for their activity as a trafficker.  While it may seem like a stretch, under the provisions of this new law, the generous gift of a set of diamond ear-rings or other bling memorializing a spectacular private event by your legal partner could transform that ecstatic moment into a ”commercial sex act,” turn your beloved spouse into a hooker, and land you in prison as a human trafficker, to say nothing of having to register as a sex pervert for the rest of your life or having to deal with the cops at your door every time some horny freak abused a chicken in the neighborhood.  For a state that completely disregards the fact that they have gone way out of their way to increase human trafficking in the state by enthusiastically encouraging the increase in their population of illegal aliens, this law is absurd beyond all human comprehension.  Every day hundreds of young girls are lured over the border from Mexico with promises of good paying jobs by scumbags who then force them to act as prostitutes for agricultural workers all over the state before abandoning them by the side of the road, and no effort is made to stop this or eliminate the root cause behind it.  In fact the law enforcement agencies in the state are prohibited from even interfering with these people unless they start shooting each other in public, and yet the state politicians want us to believe that they are concerned about human trafficking.  Obviously one or more state official has figured out a way to increase the size and wealth of their bureaucratic kingdoms as a result of these changes.  The largest concentration of sleazy prostitutes in this state are the incompetent politicians in the state capital and we would be a lot better off if we dealt with them before we allow the state gestapos the sadistic pleasure of invading the bedrooms of consenting adults

Proposition 40
If rejected, this would have given the citizens of the state the ability to end the con job perpetrated by the Democrats in the state legislature when they shanghaied the Citizens Redistricting Commission and gerrymandered the state’s Senate district boundaries in a manner even more maniacal and unfair than they were prior to that commission’s futile effort to restore some semblance of sanity and fairness to the states election process.  Unfortunately, the proposition was passed and the Democratic con-artists will be allowed to continue as they were.  With the continuation of the newly gerrymandered system of Senate district boundaries the state’s Democrats are assured that no political competition will ever threaten their ability to fleece the California voters in perpetuity.

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