A Censored But Amazingly Significant Indicator of Current American Racism

Unless you live in Atlanta, Georgia or just happen to be one of the few subscribers to the Los Angeles Times who actually reads the content of that normally far-left wing propaganda rag, you probably haven’t heard about this recent bit of news. Despite the fact that it represents a significant new development in the ugly world of American racism, and should have been plastered all across the front pages of every newspaper in the nation, the liberal news media has intentionally withheld this story from the American public because it provides clear evidence to warrant the belief that the “experts” in Washington D.C. have led all of us down the wrong path in their effort to force racial equality through misguided legislative acts.

Since 1948 the federal government has been passing a variety of civil rights laws with the intention of accomplishing the same thing that that was established in the Declaration of Independence 233 years ago with the words, “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness-”

Admittedly, slavery and indentured servitude were exceptions but when those institutions were abolished by law normal reasoning would seem to apply that the default position would apply and that default position is that all men are created equal. It seems fairly simple and straightforward. Everyone is considered equal in every way, the laws apply to all people equally and whatever one group can do, everyone else can do as well. While this should have been the case, it wasn’t, and the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s were the effort to correct the misguided perceptions of local, state and federal legislators who begrudgingly freed their free source of labor, but because of ignorance, prejudice or both, refused to recognize the equality of those who were unlike them in any way. Black people have not been the only ones to suffer the outrages of the ignorant populace. At various times just about every group of immigrants has suffered from social prejudice and more or less institutionalized discrimination. The primary difference between the blacks and most other minority groups is thought by many to be that the blacks were forced to come here against their will. While that is true, they were not the only people forced to come here against their will as slaves, they are merely the loudest and the most discussed group. But I am digressing . . .

At any rate since the beginning of the modern civil rights movement there have been four primary congressional legislative acts passed into law and one executive order by former President Lyndon Johnson (mandating affirmative action for government contractors), the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Act of 1968, the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1988, the Civil Rights Act of 1991 and Johnson’s Executive Order 11246 of 1964. In every case these laws were passed to ensure the equal treatment of all that was firmly established 233 years ago in the Declaration of Independence, or at least that was the basic purpose given for to the public for the passage of each. There is another Civil Rights bill of 2009 that was proposed by the late Ted Kennedy but that act has never been passed by the U.S. Congress and as far as I know today it is just sitting there gathering dust.

If we consider the ultimate goal of the civil rights movement and all of the legislative activity related to civil rights as being the effort to clarify that all men are created equal and have the right to be treated equally in all things, then it seems to me that we could have accomplished the same thing with one constitutional amendment simply stating that all men, regardless of differences in ethnicity, culture, national origin, color, blah, blah, blah are created equal and have equal rights under all local, state and federal laws. We could even throw in a provision prohibiting all forms of discrimination against any of the aforementioned peoples for any purpose, by any group, government entity or private person. Not only would that have accomplished the intended goal but it would have saved us a ton of money spent on Congressional debates, wages and time. However, it now appears that equality may not have been the only goal of the black civil rights movement and the evidence of this comes from the recently exposed and somewhat unreported memo put out by the Atlanta, Georgia Black Leadership Forum.

Apparently Atlanta, Georgia, a predominantly African-American city has had a black mayor for more than 35 years and the current mayoral campaign include a large number of black candidates and one white female candidate. Surprisingly, the lone white female candidate seems to be leading in the opinion polls and the Black Leadership Forum feels that the large number of black candidates running will split the vote in so many ways that this white woman could end up winning the election. As far as they are concerned, this would be terrible and their memo addresses the need for the city’s black population to get behind one black candidate and defeat this white woman so the reign of black entitlement in Atlanta does not end. In simpler terms Atlanta’s Black Leadership Forum has come out against the one white candidate on the basis of her skin color and they are encouraging the African-American voters to vote for less qualified candidate who is black simply because she is black and not white. While none of the new media reports seem to have the huevos to call this memo a clear cut example of racism, and most of the liberal press has avoided any mention of the memo at all, I personally have the biggest set of solid bronze balls in recorded history and willingly state for the record that the Atlanta Black Leadership Forum is a racially motivated group that is every bit as ignorant and racist as the KKK, La Raza or the American Nazi Party. Furthermore, inasmuch as they seem to believe that they are the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement in this country, and sadly enough, they probably are, we should all take a step back and give this so-called civil rights thing a hard look. If the goal of civil rights is equality then we are done with it. African-Americans are denied nothing in this country and have the capacity to gain anything they are willing to work for. In that sense they are now just like everybody else. Equality is the opportunity to work for your prosperity on the same terms as everyone else and everyone has that in America. Educational achievement comes to those who study hard and persistently, take advantage of the available resources and work like hell to get what they want. It has nothing to do with the condition of the textbooks handed out in the public schools or the quality of the teachers. Good books and great teachers do not make excellent students. Excellent students make themselves. In fair and just environment individuals who work hard and smart eventually advance to the level of their capacity. When they can go no higher they move to other jobs with better opportunities, apply themselves with diligence and continue their advancement. Experienced and knowledge gained over time makes those individuals more valuable employees and the degree of knowledge and experience they possess results in better jobs, more advancement and higher wages. Black, white or green, it makes no difference. If you are good at what you do employers will pay you according to the value you bring to their company regardless of color. Business is all about making money and it’s counterproductive to saddle yourself with a bunch of ignorant lazy workers of one color when you can hire smart, industrious workers of another who will make you rich, fat and happy. Black people sit in corporate boardrooms, state government offices, the U.S. Senate and even the White House. Widespread racial discrimination against black is dead and buried and no longer is a problem even if individual ignorance still very much alive. We can make everyone equal by law but its impossible to eradicate ignorance through legislation.

The significance of the Atlanta Memo is that is indicates that for many African Americans, equal rights was not the ultimate goal of the civil right movement, furthermore, many of these characters probably never gave a hoot about being on equal grounds with everyone else. Despite what the U.S. Congress believed at the time and still believes today, most Black Americans are not least bit interested in moving into white middleclass neighborhoods, sending their kids to white middleclass schools and they certainly do not want to become comprehensively integrated into America’s predominantly white society. Despite the liberal’s attempts at forcing the entire nation to become color blind, this is the last thing that black Americans want for themselves. Equal rights were a step in the right direction but it was merely one step on what the Atlanta Black Leadership Forum has exposed as the “Black Agenda.” The final goal of the Black Agenda is not equality but superiority and enough political power to leverage control and the sole reason why the Atlanta Black Leadership Forum wrote their blatantly racist memo is that they firmly believe that a white female candidate’s election to the position of mayor has the potential to reduce rather than increase their political power and is therefore contrary to their Black Agenda. To put it very succinctly, you can’t gain the authority to control by giving up your political leverage, and they want control; as much as they can get and as fast as they can get it. Any fight for control is not a fight for equality; it is a fight for superiority. If all men are created equal then no one is superior to anyone else, no politician, corporate hotshot or mega-bucks billionaire is superior in any way to the most destitute shack dwelling illiterate. One might be better off financially but in the eyes of the American legal system as it was established under the Constitution of the United States they are equal in every way.

The Declaration of Independence established that all men are created equal, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 confirmed that fact and nothing was necessary from that point forward. The government can affirm equality among all men but it cannot force people to love one another. School busing programs designed to force integration, affirmative action programs to force diversity onto private enterprise, the racial regulation of private property owner’s rights to pick and choose who they rent to, none of these things were designed to promote equality, and if they promoted anything at all it was extreme animosity and even though many of those practices still exist in various parts of the country the people themselves have regulated their racial tendencies more than anything the government ever could. The current civil rights movement is not concerned with equality but with racial superiority gained through political power and control, and nothing in recent history make this more evident than the Atlanta Black Leadership Forum’s memo.


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